RiverMeadow is hiring Senior Engineers for our Toronto office. We have development offices in three locations (San Jose, CA; Pune, India; Toronto, Canada) and are rapidly expanding our Toronto office with at least four new senior engineers. We're the leading Cloud Migration vendor moving physical and virtual servers from Windows or Linux to various Clouds (AWS, VMWare, OpenStack, Google Cloud, Azure). Our software is automated so large clients can migrate hundreds of servers at a time. The Toronto office owns the Migration Engine, the core part of our technology for moving entire servers to the Cloud.

Our technology is unique. We don't install anything on the source, yet we create the Target Cloud environment and move everything to it, monitoring and reporting every detail in real-time. We need to account for vagaries in network topologies, security constraints, old and messy source servers, invalid device drivers, and running applications. Our people therefore need to be smart. There aren't any books to read to learn how to do this. We figure it out by learning the details of the major clouds, knowing the internals of Windows and Linux, and studying all the intricacies of the many source servers out in the wild. Did we say our engineers need to be smart? This stuff is often not easy.

If you have at least 5 years advanced work experience with systems-level Linux or Windows (data movement, drivers, VM cloning, OS internals, storage, or network stack), we will train you in Cloud and Cloud Migration.

Experience with Cloud and Python is very helpful, but it's also not common, so we're willing to train the right people.

Sysadmin and DevOps background is also very helpful, but we aren't hiring pure sysadmins without extensive programming experience at this time. (We have several of these people in our other offices, and they are essential to Cloud Migration development.) You must have at least 5 years of proven professional work experience in related systems-level programming to be considered for these positions.