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Multi-Cloud, Flexible, Fixed-Cost Services & Advanced Platform Capability

- Fast, Cost-Effective, Low Risk -

Multi-Cloud Services

  • End-to-End Project Management
  • Discovery & Assessment
  • Managed Migration 
  • Post-Migration Validation

In Safe Hands:

  • Deep technical know-how
  • Purpose-built Multi-Cloud Migration Platform
  • Highest migration success rates
  • Migration Readiness Assessments performed prior to cutover


  • Custom Scripting Facilities
  • Web-based control
  • Full, differential and data only sync migration options
  • Migration Scheduler for precision planning

Multi-Cloud Platform 

  • Project Management Module
  • IT Asset Discovery Module
  • Migrate Module
  • Optimize Module

Secure, Low Risk Migration:

  • Agentless Platform - No change management required
  • No hypervisor access required
  • No access to on-premise infrastructure 
  • Secure point-to-point migration
  • Safe data transfer via customer's preferred routable path
  • Data stays behind a firewall and is not visible to any 3rd party
  • Clone source server to target cloud
  • Non-disruptive, no downtime, no reboot
  • Test, refactor or optimize before cutover
  • Pre-flight validation and optimization ensures successful migration