Cloud Agnostic Migration Services

RiverMeadow is a Software Enabled Services Company that provides a broad range of best in class proprietary cloud migration services. RiverMeadow will help you potential cloud destinations, assess what is eligible to be moved, convert the application stack (physical, virtual or cloud-based databases, data & storage) into the cloud of your choice and transition you to your newly deployed cloud service.

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Migration Discovery

RiverMeadow will analyze cloud destination options and assess eligibility and dependencies.

Managed Migration Service

RiverMeadow will collect the attributes of what can be moved, convert the application stack (physical, virtual and cloud-based), and deploy into the selected target cloud.

Go Live

RiverMeadow will help protect and secure those assets, handle your storage and data requirements and operate and optimize in a cost-effective way.

RiverMeadow offers a fully managed service to move your physical, virtual and cloud-based servers, applications, databases, data & storage to the cloud, utilizing best-of-breed proprietary and non-proprietary technologies.

* All services are independent

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"Moving existing application stacks to the cloud is risky and complicated. Through years of experience, RiverMeadow has seen many companies make crucial mistakes when transitioning to the cloud. Our end-to-end Service will help eliminate these hurdles and mistakes.” 

–  Jim Jordan, CEO, RiverMeadow