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Join our fast-growing community Certified Cloud Migration Experts and master the best practices and strategies of multi-cloud migration whilst on-boarding new skills as part of your own professional development.

Suitable for all IT professionals with a grasp of the fundamentals of cloud migration, this course provides an overview of our Service Delivery Methodology and Multi-Cloud Migration Platform with both theory and hands-on sessions:

Course Details:

Services Delivery Methodology Overview: Discovery & Assessment, Managed Migration, Cutover & Project Management
Multi-Cloud Platform Overview and Architecture: IT Asset Discovery, Migration, Optimization
Overview of specific Use Cases including Automated In-Place OS Upgrade, NFS Mounts and Data Only Migration
Hands-on Migration Session involving LIVE migration to a designated cloud target (Azure or AWS)
Target environment prerequisites, Cloud Appliance set-up and how to add sources
Migration prerequisites, inspecting sources, migrations (full and delta/differential)
Post migration automation (scripting with migration extensions) and validation
Online Certification Test to be completed at the end of the training prior to Certification
Approximate Course Delivery Time: 1/2  day 
Course Deliverables: Certificate, Badge & Signature Logo
Cost: Enquire here for pricing

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