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Why RiverMeadow?

  • Fast: Quickly and easily migrate workloads to/from public/hybrid clouds
  • Low-risk: Servers are cloned so source machines stay running with minimal impact on day-to-day business, no roll-back plan required (your source is your backup) 
  • Fully Automated to reduce cost, time and risk
  • No Change Management required:  No agents to install on source, no source hypervisor access required
  • Highest Success Rates: Pre-flight migration capability confirms if a workload will successfully migrate prior to cutover
  • Scalable: Conducts unlimited concurrent migrations
  • Extensible: Customizes cloned servers to project requirements
  • Higest Rate of Return compared with other tools (including Free Tools) or manual migrations


 "We have built an innovative onboarding tool to support any type of Cloud Migration. Our solution leverages APIs to deliver a highly secure, automated process to support complex migration needs. Our tool can be imbedded into CSP and SI solutions to deliver a seamless solution for customers."

– Jim Jordan, President and CEO, RiverMeadow