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RiverMeadow enables Fast, Secure, Automated Cloud Migration

You need server data, packaged apps and workloads moved into the Cloud efficiently and effectively.  Your source environments are complex and varied.  Cloud sprawl from shadow IT practices may have taken over your business.  Security and compliance are critical to your organization.  And you need a solution that supports your current cloud data migration needs while giving you flexibility to make changes in the future

RiverMeadow with Secure Direct Migration (SDM) is an automated, agnostic migration tool that can connect any Source (physical, virtual or cloud) to any supported Target Cloud environment (public, private and hybrid) quickly and securely, without disrupting the Source in the process.  Gaining access to RiverMeadow could be vital to your business. If you’re business is ready to get serious about data migration to the Cloud we have a growing ecosystem of partners ready to serve your cloud migration needs today.

  • Fast: Automated cloud migrations reduce the man-hours required for set-up, configuring and executing migrations.  Also, multiple Sources can be migrated (batched) concurrently, reducing time and costs associated with onboarding to new target environments.

  • Secure: Point to point direct connection between Source and Target destination enables Source data to stay 100% behind the firewall.  This can be critical for high compliance and high security workload migrations.

  • Automated:Use the RiverMeadow SaaS GUI to drive API calls that automate target VM set-up and design, source data collection and VM deployment to the Target Cloud. The manual effort of setting up and designing a VM is removed from the process. RiverMeadow migrates every Source to a new target VM that it creates on the fly, based on the Sources unique attributes.

With RiverMeadow you can:

  • Automate data migrations and lower the man-hours required
  • Lower your TCO for onboarding activity
  • Lower risks by testing and verifying configurations prior to migrating
  • Use only the level of service you need because RiverMeadow is delivered as a SaaS service
  • Avoid vendor lock-in and maintain flexibility to make changes as needed in the future

When to work with RiverMeadow

RiverMeadow has been selected by many leading global brands as their trusted solution for Cloud onboarding.  How do you know if RiverMeadow is right for your company?

  • Do you want to maintain control over migrations and perform all tasks related to moving workloads?
  • Do you need workload portability sandboxes for testing?
  • Are you concerned about security and compliance?
  • Are your Source environments large, varied and complex?
  • Will you need a mix of public and private Clouds and even some hybrids?
  • Do you need to maintain business operations while completing migrations?
  • Are you looking for global support and onboarding capabilities?
  • Do you need back-up and restore environments?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, RiverMeadow can help you with your Cloud data migration needs. We can quickly implement RiverMeadow and work with your Cloud Service provider to get your onboarding process started.

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 "Selecting RiverMeadow was an easy choice for us, given their powerful cloud agnostic capabilities. This has enabled our teams at Nimbus to migrate complex legacy workloads and environments to the cloud with minimal impact to our customers."

Alan Hazell, CEO of Nimbus

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