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Expert Cloud Migration & DR Services

RiverMeadow is a Multi-Cloud Migration Services and DR Company with Unique Product capability that will Lift, Optimize and Protect workloads faster, better and more cost-effectively. Our team of dedicated Cloud Migration and DR Experts are totally committed to your success. Our migration and DR methodologies are tested and proven over hundreds of successful projects. From discovery and assessment to DR backup and restore, RiverMeadow takes the risk out of the equation with our flexible, fixed-price approach. Our deep knowledge means you avoid many of the common mistakes with the delivery of cloud migrations and DR solutions, saving you time, money and guaranteeing you the best results.

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 RiverMeadow OS Modernization

Mitigate End of Support Risk

RiverMeadow's unique OS Modernization capability can help reduce technical debt, whether you're moving to the cloud or staying on-prem.  Our proven process offers a fast and safe way to modernize workloads on the target while the source is unimpacted.

Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 have now reached End of Support (EOS), and these products will no longer receive security updates, non-security updates, bug fixes, or technical support from Microsoft. This puts your business, data, applications, and infrastructure at risk from security vulnerabilities and regulatory non-compliance.

Transition at speed and scale from Windows Server 2003, 2008, or 2012 to Windows Server 2016, 2019, or 2022. On-prem to on-prem, on-prem to cloud, or cloud to cloud, we can modernize your OS and potentially save you millions of dollars in Microsoft ESU fees in one smart move with RiverMeadow OS Modernization.

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Multi-Cloud Migration | OS Modernization | DR & Back-up

Lift  |  Optimize  |  Protect 


Ease of deployment - be up and running migrations in less than one hour

Speed of Migration - Do more in less time and with less risk

Migration type - VM-based or OS-based

Deployment - SaaS, Private SaaS or On-prem 

OS Modernization

Safely retire legacy OS’s

Avert business risk; get compliant

Avoid End of Support costs (CSAs)

Minimize security risk of older OS's

Fully test application with newer OS in target clone

Backup & DR

Quick and Easy Deployment

Low-cost Object Storage options

Source is ANY vSphere environment

Near synchronous replication

Flexibility of Recoveryl

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Any to Any - on-prem to on-prem | on-prem to cloud | cloud to cloud | cloud to on-prem

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What RiverMeadow Cloud Migration Can Do For You

RiverMeadow’s deep expertise and comprehensive cloud transformation services have been selected by many leading global brands, partners and service providers as their trusted solution for their cloud journey needs.  We've earned that trust from hundreds of clients in dozens of industries, and we know we can earn it from you. If you are looking for a one-stop-shop partner to deliver outstanding results from your cloud transformation in hours and days, not weeks and months, talk to our Cloud Migration and DR Experts today.

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