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Fast, cost-effective and low risk, RiverMeadow's flexible, fixed-price Multi-Cloud Migration Services and Platform will quickly and confidently power you to cloud success.

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Cloud Migration Platform Modules

Transform Your Journey to Cloud with Unrivalled Product Capability

End to End Project Delivery Workflow: Create a Project; Establish Milestones; Assign Project Resources; Deploy Cloud Appliances; Manage Entitlements; Status Report

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Project Management

Gather Configuration Data; Analyze Application Dependencies; Retire, Refactor, Replatform, Repurchase, Retain; Analyze Workload Performance; Create Move Groups

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IT Asset Discovery

Application Centric Migrations; Superior Flexibility (Block & File-based, Data Only, Offline Data Transfer); Data Sync, Delta Sync; In-place OS Upgrade; Agentless; Pre-Flight Checks; API Integration

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Cloud Migrate

Extend New Migration Capabilities into Disaster Recovery Use Cases; Select Sources for Protection; Build Protection Profiles; Monitor Sync Status; Test or Invoke Failover to Target Cloud

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Cloud Optimize

Cloud Migration Services


RiverMeadow's team of dedicated Cloud Migration Experts are totally committed to your success. Our migration methodology is tested and proven over hundreds of successful projects. From discovery and assessment to migration and validation, RiverMeadow takes the risk out of the equation with our flexible, fixed-price approach. Our deep knowledge means you avoid many of the common mistakes with the delivery of cloud migrations, saving you time, money and guaranteeing you the best results. 


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Watch How Cambridge University Press Migrated to Cloud with RiverMeadow

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Watch How Cambridge University Press Migrated to Cloud with RiverMeadow

Watch the Video

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