Press Releases


April 7, 2020

RiverMeadow Appoints Rejo Mathew of IBM as VP of Cloud Migration Services


March 10, 2020

RiverMeadow Partners with CloudChomp to Accelerate Customers’ Migrations to AWS


September 24, 2019

RiverMeadow Announces Automated Product Capability to Modernize and Upgrade Legacy Windows OS's at Scale


September 18, 2019

RiverMeadow Announces Private Deployment for Enterprise Customers


September 17, 2019

RiverMeadow Steps Up European Expansion with the Appointment of a New General Manager


September 12, 2019

Cambridge University Press Partners with RiverMeadow to Implement a Comprehensive Cloud Migration Program


August 28, 2019

RiverMeadow Collaborates with CloudSimple and Microsoft to Deploy Azure VMware Solutions


August 27, 2019

RiverMeadow Announces Enhanced Use Case Support for Migrating Workloads ot VMware on Azure, AWS and Google Cloud


August 26, 2019

RiverMeadow Announces Product Support and Service Capability for Migrations to VMware on Azure, AWS and Google Cloud


August 19, 2019

Cloudscale Capital Partners Invests In RiverMeadow Software


August 8, 2019


July 19, 2019

Department For Education for England Successfully Migrates Critical Business Applications to the Cloud 


July 11, 2019

RiverMeadow Achieves AWS Microsoft Workloads Competency Status


July 11, 2019

Blue Turtle Chooses RiverMeadow as its Preferred Cloud Migration Platform of Choice


June 20, 2019
RiverMeadow Announces New Integrated Modules to Drive Cloud Migration Adoption


June 06, 2019
RiverMeadow Announces Support for VMWare on Azure

June 04, 2019
RiverMeadow Announces Support for OpenStack

May 16, 2019
RiverMeadow and TerraAlto form a joint partnership to accelerate large global enterprises on their cloud journey

May 1, 2019
CANCOM Partner with RiverMeadow for Cloud Onboarding

April 2, 2019
Movere Partners with RiverMeadow to Accelerate Customers' Migration Journey to the Cloud

March 18, 2019
2nd Watch Selects RiverMeadow to Expedite Cloud Migrations

November 13, 2018
RiverMeadow Achieves Amazon Web Services Migration Competency Status

September 25, 2018
RiverMeadow Continues Global Expansion with Two Key Appointments

September 18, 2018
EAS Cloud Services adopts RiverMeadow’s SaaS Platform to bring Power and Predictability to Cloud Migration

September 13, 2018
Sol-Tec, a Cloud Migration and Consulting Company, partners with RiverMeadow to deliver High Volume Migrations at Scale

September 11, 2018
Rackspace Professional Services Leverages RiverMeadow SaaS to Automate Customer Cloud Migrations

September 6, 2018
MyCloudDoor, an IT Consulting & Services Company, selects RiverMeadow’s SaaS as a preferred Cloud Migration Platform

August 23, 2018
RiverMeadow Software Continues its Global Expansion with the Appointment of Jorge Juarez as LATAM Sales Director

June 27, 2018 
T-Systems Adopts RiverMeadow SaaS Platform to Automate Customer Cloud Migrations