Multi-Cloud Migration Services & Platform

Faster, More Cost-Effective, Lower Risk

RiverMeadow’s deep expertise and comprehensive cloud transformation Platform and Services have been selected by many leading global brands, partners and service providers as their trusted solution for their cloud journey needs. We've earned that trust from hundreds of clients in dozens of industries, and we know we can earn it from you.

By partnering with RiverMeadow, you can:

  • Meet the emerging needs of your digital business by leveraging a holistic cloud transformation framework that focuses on cloud success.
  • Get the benefit of our expertise and experience to take advantage of speed and scale while you focus on the evolving demands of your business.
  • Unlock business efficiency, agility and innovation while maximizing the short and long-term value delivered to the business.
  • We deliver robust, comprehensive methodologies to help smooth your cloud transition, whether you migrate a single application or a large portfolio.

RiverMeadow's integrated Cloud Migration Services and Platform solve the challenge of migrating large, complex workloads cross hypervisors into and between cloud environments.  Purposely built for the Cloud, RiverMeadow's Platform is a fast, secure, automated cloud onboarding solution that leverages APIs to mirror current server environments and move them into public, private or hybrid clouds without interrupting current workload function and performance.  The automation enables cloud migration to multiple servers and large workloads to be effectively migrated at the same time, saving time and costs associated with migrations. 

RiverMeadow's Platform also enables Cloud Service Providers and Carriers to move workloads into the cloud more efficiently and at lower cost than other solutions available today.  Easier, faster and more secure migrations enable rapid cloud onboarding.  RiverMeadow is deployed by leading cloud infrastructure and service brands such as Cisco, VMWare, Hewlett Packard and Ericsson. RiverMeadow’s innovative workload migration approach led to its selection by AlwaysOn as one of the AlwaysOn Global 250 Companies to Watch and to it also being named a Gartner "Cool Vendor" in Cloud Management.

Who works with RiverMeadow?

Businesses with large, complex workload environments that want to migrate into a cloud environment securely, effectively and quickly.

Enterprises are using RiverMeadow SaaS as an in-house solution to complete complex migrations from a variety of Source environments into lower cost cloud environments.  Using RiverMeadow's Platform and its Secure Direct Migration (SDM) method APIs create a secure point-to-point connection from Source to Target and ensure secure, efficient and high quality migrations are completed without interrupting current business operations.

Cloud Service Providers embed RiverMeadow's Platform into their solutions to deliver automated, faster, secure cloud onboarding.  Migrations can be completed from any Source to any type of cloud destination in the world. Cloud Service Providers are able to fill capacity more quickly with RiverMeadow and accelerate their revenue growth.

System Integrators use RiverMeadow to manage complex migrations from various Source environments into any type of cloud environment.  Secure Direct Migration’s APIs simplify and automate the workload migration process and reduce man-hours required to complete cloud onboarding.  Additionally since RiverMeadow is delivered as a SaaS product, System Integrators are able to purchase only the capacity they need on an on-going basis.

Large infrastructure and service brands are deploying RiverMeadow's Platform as a component of their Cloud Service offerings.  This enables them to develop the cloud market more rapidly with highly secure, automated migrations.  RiverMeadow supports global deployments and reduces man-hours required for large, complex workload migrations.  IaaS hardware and software manufacturers are able to increase sales of their products as more workloads are migrated to the cloud.

Benefits - Complete Onboarding - Fast

  • RiverMeadow Core cloud migration is 10X faster

  • SaaS delivery means fast implementation; the solution is ready to use

  • No Change Window needed to baseline server, migrate “as is” and modify in the Cloud

  • Simple to use, web based GUI supports rapid set up, testing and migration processing.

  • Eliminates the need for multiple scarce skillsets

Benefits - Low Cost

  • RiverMeadow Core migration is 5X less expensive than manual options

  • Automation reduces manual configuration, testing and cloud migration time requirements

  • No up-front investments in hardware or software - pay as you go financial model 

  • Migrates entire server workloads and not individual applications, avoiding the need to match specific legacy services and capabilities with those in target clouds saving cost and time

Benefits - Low Risk

  • No impact on Source server - no agents or reboots

  • The APIs enable a direct connection from the Source to the Target so migrations are as secure as the Source environment.

  • No PaaS or vendor lock in; users can migrate into and between Clouds as needed

Watch RiverMeadow Software in Action:

AWS migration video
rivermeadow azure cloud migration video
rivermeadow mass migration video

"Moving existing application stacks to the cloud is risky and complicated. Through years of experience, RiverMeadow has seen many companies make crucial mistakes when transitioning to the cloud. Our end-to-end Service will help eliminate these hurdles and mistakes.” 

- Jim Jorden, President & CEO , RiverMeadow Software Inc. -

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