Migrate Your Workloads to Microsoft Azure

With RiverMeadow's powerful Multi-Cloud Migration Services and Platform you can dramatically reduce the time, cost and risk associated with moving physical, virtual and cloud-based workloads into and between Azure. Migrate even the most complex workloads with zero downtime and no need for the installation of agents or hypervisor access. Whether you're looking to migrate business applications, web servers, file servers or other workload types, RiverMeadow offers a secure platform for all of your migration needs.

Upgrade from Windows 2003 to 2019 as you migrate to Azure

If you are still running Windows 2003 workloads you need to find a way to get compliant and secure. Yet Azure does not support Windows 2003 so how can you upgrade your legacy workloads? View our Triple Hop Migrate & OS Upgrade Video and learn how RiverMeadow carries out a staged migration via an intermediate cloud (which supports Windows 2003) to Windows 2016, resulting in an upgrade of the OS to Windows 2016 and an upgrade of an IIS application to the latest version - all done automatically and at scale. 

Azure Integration

RiverMeadow integrates with Azure through its external facing API. Connecting through the API from behind the firewall, RiverMeadow leverages the existing secure source-to-target connection to perform migrations. On the front end, we  offer a seamless user experience through a point-and-click web portal interface. Whether a business needs to burst for additional compute, move workloads from one region to another or migrate workloads from other clouds to Azure, RiverMeadow automates and simplifies the entire process.

Accelerate Your Migration to Azure

Migrates between physical, virtual, and cloud to cloud platforms


Agentless - no change management needed; no reboot required


Hypervisor agnostic - no hypervisor access to on-premise infrastructure is required


Automatically provisions new virtual machines on cloud targets 


Live Migration - clones are duplicated in the cloud; source workloads remains active 


Preflight migration checks (source and target) are carried out to ensure success


Differential Sync - sync only the changes made on the source in the cloud


Automation - evolve your workload; modify, customize, update and enhance


Data Only Migration - move data volumes only, swap OS versions


Enhanced Data Transfer engine – throttling, multi-threading, tunnelling


Sample Use Cases

Migrate from any physical, virtual, or cloud source  Azure customer environment

Physical  Azure (P2C)

Virtual  Azure (V2C, no dependencies on source hypervisor APIs)

Cloud  Azure (C2C, no dependencies on source cloud APIs)

Azure  Azure migrations

Azure Classic  Azure ARM migrations

As the only purpose-built multi-cloud migration company, RiverMeadow leads the market in helping you migrate and modernize your workloads to the cloud. With our integrated discovery, migration and optimization services and product capability you can dramatically reduce the time, cost and risk associated with moving physical, virtual and cloud-based workloads into and between public, private and hybrid cloudsNo downtime, no installation of agents and no need for hypervisor access. 

To find out more about how you can migrate and modernize your applications to Azure, schedule a demo here or connect with one of our Cloud Migration Experts here.