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RiverMeadow SaaS: Easing the Migration Path to VMware

RiverMeadow SaaS Platform enables organizations to migrate even the most complex workloads to Microsoft Azure, without downtime, without the installation of agents and without hypervisor access. It is a perfect solution for any business that wants to migrate physical, virtual or cloud-based workloads into or between Microsoft Azure integration environments.

With RiverMeadow SaaS Platform, it takes only a few button clicks to Azure migrate workloads to Azure. Whether you're looking to migrate business applications, web servers, file servers or other workload types, RiverMeadow offers a secure Platform for migrations to Azure.

RiverMeadow & Microsoft Azure Integration

RiverMeadow integrates with Azure migration tool through its external facing API. Connecting through the API from behind the firewall, RiverMeadow leverages the existing secure source-to-target connection to perform migrations. On the front end, RiverMeadow offers a seamless user experience through a point-and-click web portal interface. Whether a business needs to burst for additional compute, move workloads from one region to another or migrate workloads from other clouds to Azure, RiverMeadow automates and simplifies the process.

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Value Propositions

  • Migrates between physical, virtual, and any cloud platforms to multiple target cloud platforms.
  • Hardware independent between server and storage hardware.
  • Hypervisor agnostic
  • Does not require hypervisor access
  • Automatically provisions new virtual machines on cloud targets - no manual configuration required.
  • Live Azure Migrate – source workloads remains active during migration
  • Agentless – no software required to be installed, no reboot required
  • Preflight readiness checks (source and target) to ensure migration success
  • Unlimited delta Syncing
  • Post-migration automation to Evolve your workload (modify, customize, update, enhance your workload)
  • Data Only Migration - allows you to move data volumes only, swap OS versions, upgrade OS as part of a migration
  • Deep feature support for Target Clouds
  • Enhanced Data transfer engine – throttling, multi-threading, tunneling

Sample Use Cases

RiverMeadow SaaS Azure As a Target Cloud

  • Migrate from any physical, virtual, or cloud source to Azure customer environment
  • Physical to Azure (P2C)
  • Virtual to Azure (V2C, no dependencies on source hypervisor APIs)
  • Cloud to Azure (C2C, no dependencies on source cloud APIs)
  • Azure to Azure migrations






RiverMeadow SaaS — Microsoft Azure Migrate Methodology

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