Multi-Cloud Migration & DR Platform Overview

Plan, manage and execute Multi-cloud migration projects faster, more cost-effectively and with lower risk

Faster, More Cost-Effective, Lower Risk

RiverMeadow leads the market with its world-class Multi-Cloud Migration Platform that dramatically reduces the time, cost and risk associated with moving physical, virtual and cloud-based workloads into and between public, private and hybrid clouds.

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A Fully Integrated Platform

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RiverMeadow's Multi-Cloud Migration & DR Platform offers a rich suite of features and capabilities to help customers plan, manage and execute their migration projects faster and more cost-effectively. 

Designed specifically to address the roadblocks and complexities of mass onboarding to multi-cloud environments, the Platform will help you gain better visibility and control in your migration projects, whether you're moving to public or private cloud.

Multi-Cloud Migration & DR Platform Benefits

The Platform is based on a methodology which is proven and tested over hundreds of successful migration projects with many leading global brands, resellers, and service providers. Benefits include:


Flexible Approach

  • Flexibility of Deployment 
    • Public SaaS, private SaaS or deployed on-premise or in the cloud, based on security or compliance requirements of the end customer
  • Flexibility of Self-service Management
    • Built for users with multi-level access privilege requirements and many projects with different target clouds and different use cases. 
    • RESTful API first. UI is JavaScript wrapping API calls.


Flexibility of Multi-cloud Migration & DR

  • P2V, V2V, V2C, C2C, C2V (ANY) to the target clouds we support 
  • For migration: Azure, AVS, GCE, GCVE, AWS, VMC, vSphere, OpenStack 
  • For DR: Azure Blob and vSphere Datastores (incl. vSAN, Azure Disk Pools, NetApp CVS, ANF and FSxN) 


Flexibility of how you Migrate

  • OS-based migration or VM-based migration 
    • Full Migration + Differential Migration (On-demand, Recurring Schedule or Continuous Sync) 
    • Block-based or File-based
  • Data Only Migration (decouples Data from the OS) 
  • VDI Migration 
    • Full Migration (OS + Apps + Data)
    • User Profile Migration (Physical endpoint / VDI -> VDI PaaS) 


Flexibility of Optimization

  • Compute – right-size overprovisioned workloads to target cloud (set preferred Instance or VM size) 
  • Storage – right-size overprovisioned workloads to target cloud (resize partitions during the migration or set preferred storage backing) 
  • Network & Security – Add/Remove NIC’s, retain or change IP/MAC, change MTU sizes, add firewalling or security groups 
  • OS Modernization – Modernize the target Operating System as part of migration for Windows Server, Windows Desktop and Linux 
  • Post-migration Automation – Custom scripts that run as part of the migration to automate Day 2 operations and other use cases 

Single Sign-on Integration

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RiverMeadow's Multi-cloud Migration and DR platform provide greater control, superior security, and ease of use with External Identity Provider integration utilizing Microsoft and Google authentication. Organizations can leverage this advanced functionality to securely administer access privileges across projects within the RiverMeadow Platform, giving a simple and secure single point for user access administration.

Dedicated Private Deployment

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Our Dedicated Private Deployment is available on-prem or in private or public cloud accounts. With a fast and easy-to-deploy OVF model, customers can quickly and easily provision an on-premises migration platform that utilizes the same UI, API, and features found within the RiverMeadow PaaS.

One Product to Address All Your Cloud Migration Needs

Project Management

End-to-End Project Delivery

Create & manage projects

Assign & manage users

Move group management

Full PM Planning & Reporting


Agent-based or Agent-less migrations

Non-disruptive, no downtime

Continuous, Scheduled, Data Only, Data Seeding 

Secure live testing in target clone pre-cutover

SaaS-based licensing model: no installs or contracts

OS Modernization

Safely retire legacy OS’s

Avert business risk; get compliant

Avoid End of Support costs (CSAs)

Minimize security risk of older OS's

Application compatibility with new OS fully tested

Disaster Recovery

Protect against ransomware and other malicious attacks

Recover VMs in minutes based on selected Recovery Point

Recover workloads to Source or Target vSphere 

Low-cost cloud storage options - Azure Blob, Amazon S3 or Google Cloud 

Retire Legacy OS's as you migrate to Windows or Linux

with our Automated In-Place OS Upgrade capability

Safely retire legacy OS’s (technical debt)

Mitigate cybersecurity threats from patched OS's

Avoid Windows 2008 End of Support costs (CSA)

No business interruption - OS upgrade is performed on a target clone

Application compatibility with newer OS fully tested in target clone

Avert business risk - minimize security risk of older OS's

Find out more about RiverMeadow's OS Modernization capability

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