Contrary to popular belief, migration paths for cloud is not exclusive to certain industries or businesses. Truth be told, businesses in any industry can benefit from moving their workloads to the cloud. Read on to find out how companies in specific industries benefit everyday from moving their data and apps to the cloud!

Manufacturing Companies Manage Every Business Aspect in Real-Time

Live access to vital information has become a rather common practice for manufacturers that wish to outperform their competitors. The best ERP software and mobile sales force apps are stored and runned in the cloud nowadays, to ensure that all stakeholders get the right data exactly when they need it. Timely information is essential for decision-making, which is why more and more manufacturers are prioritizing migration paths for cloud platform with each passing day.  

Cloud Based Platform Telecom Businesses Evolve Beyond Phone Calls

This industry has long since evolved beyond phone, text or email communication. Live video has become an important part of both our personal and professional lives. So much so that it now facilitates interactions with our close friends and family members through video calls, but also with our professional contacts through video meeting platforms. Regardless if they are developing B2B or B2C applications, telecom companies who are looking for a differentiating factor turn.   

Automotive Businesses Are All About Scalability in the Cloud Platform 

One common characteristic of many automotive companies is the speed at which they scale up their businesses. They do so by entering new markets, setting up new factories, launching new products and services, and so on. Each such action is accompanied by a lot of data, and oftentimes even mobile and Web apps that perform best when run in the cloud. Synchronization is also an important aspect that can be easily handled when the apps are migrated using reliable solutions.

Healthcare Businesses Store Big Data with Cloud Migration

Since a lot of healthcare companies, from R&D institutes to hospitals and private clinics, are starting to accumulate incredible amounts of confidential data, ensuring its security is critical. Healthcare data management systems are able to store information in perfect security, and to distribute it as needed, from one institution to another.  

Entertainment Companies Are Embracing Streaming

Fortunately, media and entertainment companies are among the first ones to have discovered the benefits of running their platforms in the cloud. For them, moving and storing files into the cloud is more than just about security. Many companies have included this into their modern business models, and have transformed streaming apps into a means of turning a profit.

Final Thoughts

Cloud migration comes with a lot of benefits and opportunities, not only to innovate, but also to disrupt. The above examples represent only a fraction of what can be achieved by moving data and/or applications to the cloud.

Is your company working in any of the above industries? If you haven’t migrated to the cloud just yet, schedule a demo with us to see just how easy it is to move your applications quickly to a perfectly secure environment!