No two journeys to the cloud are quite the same. What partners and customers need is a solid toolkit that offers flexibility and capability to their constituents to address their particular needs.

To that end, RiverMeadow is excited to announce a new capability - Data Only Migration!

What is Data Only Migration?

Data Only Migration is a feature that allows users to migrate the data from one workload to another. The idea is contrary to bit replication, and intentionally so. RiverMeadow Data Only Migration allows you to move the data of an application across platforms, across clouds, across OS versions to another system at a file level. This capability opens several additional possibilities, to extend the migration options available to users of RiverMeadow.

Use Cases supported by RiverMeadow Data Only Migration

Cross Platform/Cross OS - RiverMeadow already allows you to move stateful applications across cloud providers, now you can move just the stateless data of an application across workloads in different clouds, cross-cloud, cross-platform, cross-OS: Move 32-bit to 64-bit, Redhat to CentOS, Windows 2003 to 2016, etc. You can move the data of the application to a new server, configured and ready to go, all with a familiar interface and centralized control plane that you use for other migrations.

Data Seeding - Moving large datasets over the network can be untenable, seed your data and use RiverMeadow to sync up the deltas.

Drive Resizing - Have a drive that is underutilized? Add a volume to the target that is smaller (but can still fit the dataset!), Overutilized? Expand it!

The possibilities are endless.

Here at RiverMeadow, we continue, delivering the features and functionality you need to rearticulate and evolve your applications into the cloud, and we are not stopping anytime soon. In the words of James Brown...Papa’s got a brand new bag.

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