Over the last decade, cloud computing has evolved to become a business imperative. Companies that fail to adopt a clear migration strategy risk falling behind their competitors and losing out on the significant benefits that cloud technology has to offer.  

Choosing a cloud migration tool that is SaaS-based is a good place to start. RiverMeadow SaaS is one such platform. Based on non-intrusive, agentless, hypervisor agnostic technology, RiverMeadow’s purpose-built platform enables the creation of replica source workloads in the target cloud which can be securely ‘live’ tested, pre-validated and automated prior to workload differential synchronization and cutover without interrupting current workload function and performance.

Below, we have summarized some key trends around cloud computing to help companies get some insight into the cloud market in general, and gain a better understanding of why adopting a clear migration strategy is essential.

Cloud Computing Trends infographic

No one disputes the rise of cloud adoption. The question is rather, how can it best be achieved? RiverMeadow has helped hundreds of companies successfully migrate their workloads to the cloud with minimal risk and disruption. Contact us today to find out how we can help start—or speed up—your journey to the cloud. Schedule a demo or contact a RiverMeadow consultant to find out more.