Struggling to move physical Windows and Linux servers to AWS? Take a look at RiverMeadow; a live-hot clone automation technology to migrate your physical Windows and Linux servers to AWS.

Use-Case Summary

RiverMeadow's SaaS-based Cloud Migration Platform delivers a live clone and copy of a source Windows or Linux operating system instance to an AWS target environment. All resident application and user data is copied, and device drivers are converted as needed to the target hypervisor environment. Provisioning of the target EC2 instance and storage is automated along with the migration.


  • AWS offers no tools or technology to move physical servers into AWS and the skills required to do this manually are costly
  • Migrating application and workloads live to AWS manually is complex
  • AWS native tools do not address Physical to Cloud


RiverMeadow converts operating system device drivers from physical to AWS driver-sets, within a migration automation framework. RiverMeadow delivers a single SaaS-based solution for automated Live Physical, Virtual or Cloud to Cloud migrations to AWS with support for AWS native features including selectable instance types, EBS Encryption, IAM Roles, AMI Creation, Instance Tags, and post-migration script execution.

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Value Proposition

  • RiverMeadow is a SaaS-based migration platform which moves physically hosted windows and linux based applications and servers to AWS
  • RiverMeadow is a Lift & Shift migration automation platform, which performs a live and hot clone of the source server instance ‘as-is’ to the target AWS migration environment
  • RiverMeadow also automates the provisioning of the target EC2 instance to which the source is cloned and copied
  • RiverMeadow is agentless and the least-invasive method for cloning workloads from place to place

How RiverMeadow AWS Migration works

RiverMeadow’s agentless technology creates a live clone of the running server and converts it to run in the target environment (vSphere or vCloud) using the following steps:

  • Configure RiverMeadow with the AWS region & VPC you wish to migrate to
  • Allow source to target communication via customer established network/vpn connectivity to the on-premises environment 
  • Add the servers you wish to migrate to the new region
  •  Run a full migration
  •  Test systems and applications
  •  Optionally run unlimited differential migrations
  •  Cutover DNS from source network to target network and server IP

A Platform-Rich AWS Migration Experience

As an Amazon Partner Network (APN) member with multiple AWS competencies,  RiverMeadow is able to deliver a platform-rich AWS migration experience to customers. We satisfy a wide mix of migration use-cases across enterprise, government, and systems integration environments.

If you’re looking to find ways to dramatically reduce the time, cost and risk of migrating databases to the cloud, contact one of our Cloud Migration experts here or schedule a demo to see our software in action.