Use-Case Summary

RiverMeadow SaaS delivers a live clone and copy of Windows and Linux EC2 instances to a AWS VPC target environment. All resident application and user data is copied, and device drivers maintained in a consistent state between AWS VPCs and regions. Provisioning of the target EC2 instance and storage is automated along with the migration.


  • As AWS expands its global footprint, customers often need to migrate their AWS EC2 Instances from one region to another.
  • If a new region is available closer to user traffic, customers may want to locate various services geographically closer to those users quickly and seamlessly, without downtime.
  • Legacy VPC designs often require replacement, and migrating to new VPCs requires a migration.
  • Creating an AMI from an EC2 instance has some advantages, however lacks automation and differential sync capability for delta changes.
  • On scale - AMI creation, EBS snapshots, and instantiation workflows can be automated using CloudFormation, however at the cost of time and hardened skills required.


RiverMeadow delivers a single SaaS based solution for automated EC2 instance migration between VPCs and AWS regions. Cloud migrations to AWS with support for AWS native features including selectable instance types, EBS Encryption, IAM Roles, AMI Creation, Instance Tags, and post-migration script execution.

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 Value Proposition

  • RiverMeadow is a SaaS based migration platform which migrates AWS EC2 instances between VPCs and between AWS regions.
  • RiverMeadow performs a live and hot clone of the source EC2 instance ‘as-is’ to the target AWS VPC.
  • RiverMeadow also automates the provisioning of the target EC2 instance to which the source is cloned and copied.
  • RiverMeadow is agentless and the least-invasive method for cloning workloads from place to place.
  • Locating compute and storage to lower cost regions or regions closer to a user base drives down costs and improves service delivery to customers.
  • Regional migrations lowers FX currency risk for some organizations.

How RiverMeadow Cloud Migration works     

  • Configure RiverMeadow with the AWS region & VPC you wish to migrate to.
  • Allow source to target communication via customer established network/vpn connectivity to the on-premises environment.
  • Add the EC2 instances you wish to migrate to the new AWS VPC/region.
  • Run a full migration.
  • Test systems and applications.
  • Optionally run unlimited differential migrations.
  • Cutover DNS from source network to target network and server IP.

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