RiverMeadow’s Delta Sync is all about efficiency: as part of a migration plan, how can I sync only the changes made on my source application in my cloud based target without having to run a full migration each time these changes occur?

When is a Delta Sync Needed?

Moving your workloads to the cloud unveils an inconvenient truth: time won’t stand still while you carry out a migration. New data keeps being generated on the source that needs to be updated in your target cloud.

To reflect these changes another migration needs to be carried out. But what if you could only reflect the changes made, without having to run a full migration all over again?

RiverMeadow: Sync Source and Target Differences Only

RiverMeadow Delta Sync is a powerful, targeted sync function. It enables you to carry out synchronization in a fast, efficient and secure way, minimizing network bandwidth and resources. After an initial successful migration, a Delta Sync allows you to migrate only the differences between a source and target application.

The key benefits of RiverMeadow Delta Sync are:

  • Speed: Optimal use of resource and network bandwidth
  • Cost Effective: Included within the SaaS cost-per-VM pricing model
  • Safe: Data transfer uses customer preferred routable path to ensure no data leakage
  • Near Zero Risk: Cloning methodology between source server and target cloud gives an easy backout plan if required
  • Secure: No data passes outside the customer’s firewall
  • Scaleable: Designed to support migrations at scale, regardless of complexity
  • Open: Supports Windows and Linux source operating systems

Plan Ahead

It’s important to plan ahead. If you know you'll be performing Delta Syncs, plan for this before you carry out the full migration of your source server and, where possible, limit its scope.

For example, if you know what has been touched since the full migration, use file/directory exclusions to reduce the amount of data to search for changes.

This will ensure that only the data that has changed is synced, thereby minimizing set-up time and network bandwidth.

Schedule Your Migration to Suit

With RiverMeadow you have the ability to schedule the Delta Sync for now or a later date. You can set, edit and remove scheduled migrations based your computer’s local time, giving you total flexibility and control over the staging.

The transfer method is either a file-based or block-based approach. All migrations can be tracked and the status of each step can be viewed as a migration summary throughout the process.

RiverMeadow: Optimal, Targeted Sync

Avoid the need to carry out a full migration each time a change occurs on your source with RiverMeadow Delta Sync. Contact us now to find out how more about how we can help you run your migration projects with optimal, targeted sync.