Google’s acquisition of Velostrata at the beginning of the month along with other acquisitions in the space (CloudVelox, Racemi and AtaData) made small waves in the world of enterprise cloud migration solution providers. In some cases, the acquisitions were less about shareholder value creation and more about businesses failing to meet strategic objectives, scale, and profitability.  According to public information, Velostrata’s features will end up being integrated into Google’s Cloud platform and no longer be available for other cloud providers which along with the other “acquisitions” in the space has created a technological void among providers of cloud migration services. Fortunately, RiverMeadow’s SaaS Migration Platform (“Platform”) and Services can fill that void.  

Current and active RiverMeadow end-customers include major auto manufacturers, publicly traded medical device companies, numerous industrial manufacturers, construction companies, banks and auto parts manufacturers to name but a handful of active projects  Application and application servers commonly seen include CRM applications, SAP applications, Lotus Notes, Web servers, SQL servers, MySQL servers and Oracle database servers to name but a few examples of what is being actively migrated by RiverMeadow and its partners. RiverMeadow is able to support both end-user customers as well as cloud service providers to drive greater momentum and efficiency on their journey to the cloud.

RiverMeadow’s Platform can help you migrate any existing workloads from Physical, Virtual or Cloud to Cloud.  RiverMeadow’s Platform is automated, cloud agnostic and can connect any Source to any supported Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud (AWS, Azure, and VMware Clouds) quickly, securely and without disruption to the source workload. To learn more about the key features of the RiverMeadow SaaS platform, check out this infographic.

If you are looking for a cloud migration solution that satisfies a wide range of needs and use cases, RiverMeadow is here to help? Request a custom demo to understand how RiverMeadow can migrate all of your workloads quickly and securely!