cloud migration discovery and assessment

Discovery and Assessment Service

Often the most challenging and time-consuming part of a Cloud migration project is in the Discovery & Assessment phase, especially if your infrastructure is spread across multiple data centers or multiple teams. Visualizing your entire IT infrastructure, uncovering potential issues, documenting your findings and turning them into actionable insight takes time.

Your Successful Outcome – Our Focus

RiverMeadow’s Discovery & Assessment Service will accelerate your cloud adoption initiatives by focusing on the cloud readiness of your applications, data and infrastructure to provide quick wins. Our proven methodology provides you with key data and a new vocabulary and clear visualisations of your services, their constituent applications and the environments they reside in - allowing you to better engage your business in the configuration of the optimum cloud setup, best-fit cloud provider and understand your cloud total cost of ownership. 

Identify customer's best-fit cloud provider and configuration depending on key goals and requirements
See projected performance of customer applications with recommended cloud configurations
Make accurate and informed decisions regarding your cloud adoption from planning to migration

Efficient & Effective Discovery 

Our cloud architects start by interviewing your Infrastructure, Applications, and Operations teams to understand current policies and processes. Next they gather all of the required information in order to analyze your infrastructure and a detailed report is provided which includes:

Infrastructure configurations


Application Dependencies


Connected Shadow Infrastructure 


Utilization data and performance metrics

Move groups and migration strategy

Optimal configuration for each workload

Action-Oriented Cloud Migration Assessment

Applications that have been identified in the cloud strategy are profiled to capture resource requirements during normal and peak use times. In addition, we investigate and capture:

Disk utilization and capacity

Data retention requirements

High availability

Disaster recovery

Network dependencies

Dependency mapping

Goal-Based Cloud Migration Report

At the end of the Discovery & Assessment phase we will produce a detailed, action-oriented report that is focused on delivering value and direction to the next steps in your Cloud migration:

Costings Models to show cost savings through rightsizing workloads or license models


Cloud Sizing instance or VM on workload performance metrics and source machine configuration


Identify the best-fit target cloud service provider and cloud configuration


Project application performance with recommended cloud configurations

Make accurate cloud decisions

Power to Cloud with Confidence

With RiverMeadow's Discovery & Assessment Services you can rest assured that your discovery and assessment projects are in safe hands. Our sole focus is to ensure that your transition to the cloud is smooth, seamless and successful.

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