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Mass Migrate via CSV for Ease of Use!

Run Migrations from CSV Files

Customers and partners now have the unique capability and added flexibility to drive migrations from a CSV file based on a pre-defined template provided by RiverMeadow.

Running migrations via CSV lends itself well to large scale migration projects measured in the 100's and 1,000's where intake or third party discovery information can easily be converted or ingested into CSV files for each sprint or wave plan. This process can help to expedite migrations as well as remove human error and data transposition.

Fast, Flexible and Easy to Use

Simply set up your projects and run them at a time to suit you. Benefits include:

Easy Setup - work in a familiar CSV file forms

Faster Migrations - run your migrations at speed, regardless of scale

Improved Flexibility - schedule your migrations to run at a time to suit

Increased Productivity - receive email notifications on migration outcomes

Reduced Human Error - mitigate the risk of manuals errors

Guaranteed Successful Outcome - preflight validation checks ensure your migrations run smoothly

Watch our NEW CSV Demo

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Watch how quick and easy it can be to run your migrations via CSV in our NEW demo. Learn how quickly you can drive migrations as an alternative to the RIverMeadow UI by uploading a CSV file thath contains information about the sources you want to migrate based on a template provided by RiverMeadow.

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For large scale migrations this method of migration will help to speed up your migration projects. Let us show you how you can increase productivity, reduce human error and guarantee a successful outcome to your cloud migration projects. Talk with a Cloud Migration Expert today!

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