LPS Integration Cloud Migration

LPS Integration uses RiverMeadow Cloud Migration SaaS in its services offerings and to migrate customers to its cloud.
LPS Integration is the Southeast’s leading technology services and solutions company. Founded in 2002, LPS was established to meet the growing need for IT services in Nashville and has quickly become the most sought after and award-winning IT firm in the state and surrounding areas. Combining consultative engineering with the most effective solutions from industry leaders like EMC, Cisco, Citrix and VMware, LPS offers the widest array of strategic solutions, partnerships and engineer expertise to customers. http://lpsintegration.com/.

"Our customers have a diverse set of migration requirements and operate within a broad range of computing environments. We need a cloud migration solution that offers both end-to-end automation and high levels of customization at the same time. Integrating the RiverMeadow migration platform allows us to meet the diverse needs of our customers." 

–  Scott Clark, Vice President, Cisco Services

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