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Database Migration with Ease and Speed

Migrating databases to the cloud is often daunting, time-consuming and prone to failure but it doesn't have to be this way. With RiverMeadow’s powerful SaaS Cloud Migration Platform and Managed Migration Services you can now successfully migrate your databases to the cloud with ease and speed, regardless of their size or complexity.

Enhanced Data Transfer for 100x Speed

RiverMeadow's unique Enhanced Data Transfer (EDT) engine dramatically improves the robustness and speed of your data transfer. EDT provides a fast file copy and block level synchronization over your WAN at speeds up to 100X faster than your current solution, without losing any file attributes or settings. You can easily accelerate your existing network applications, without modification, by simply routing their TCP connections through a secure, high-speed tunnel.

Data Only Migration

With our Data Only Migration capability you can now migrate just the data of an application across platforms, across clouds and across OS versions without having to carry out a full migration. This means you can focus your efforts and network bandwidth on only those elements of your migration that are truly needed which, in turn, gives you a much greater likelihood of meeting your cutover deadline. 

Specialist Database Migration Support

In addition to our powerful database migration tools and resources RiverMeadow supports you through the following steps based on our proven best practices:

Step 1 - Planning

Careful planning is paramount to ease the process. RiverMeadow works with you to identify the preparatory steps required before you migrate your current production databases which includes:

Set out key database migration milestones and objectives

Familiarise yourself with your cloud target environment

Estimate and secure system resources needed for the migration

Prepare a migration plan and backup strategy incase of unexpected delays

Step 2 - Testing

RiverMeadow creates a full testing environment to ensure that your production database remains untouched and in full operation throughout:

Compare results between pre-migration and test databases 

Note, research and resolve any anomalies

Step 3 - Preparation & Migration

Schedule downtime for backup and migration to the Cloud

Perform full backup of current production database if required

Migrate database with RiverMeadow's SaaS Platform

Step 4 – Optimization:

Once the source database is successfully migrated to the Cloud we help you test the migration:

Tune the new production database to optimize performance


Develop new database administration procedures as needed


Decide on which available new features of the migrated database should be used

Migrate production users to the database once all applications have been tested

If you’re looking to find ways to dramatically reduce the time, cost and risk of migrating databases to the cloud, contact one of our Cloud Migration experts here or schedule a demo to see our software in action.

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