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Backup & Disaster Recovery (DR)

Cost-effective, Quick & Easy to Deploy, Multi-Cloud Backup & DR Platform Capability

Lift, Optimize and Protect Your Workloads

You can now Lift, Optimize and Protect your workloads through one single pane of glass with RiverMeadow’s market-leading Multi-Cloud Migration and Disaster Recovery (DR) Platform capability.
RiverMeadow’s DR Platform capability is purpose-built for customers who are looking to protect their VMware vSphere workloads that run on-premise or in VMware on ANY Public Cloud, including the use of Object Storage, with a highly cost-effective and quick and easy to deploy solution
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Key Benefits

Quick and Easy Deployment:

Setup and deployment are simple and fast, and the Platform does not require a dedicated Disaster Recovery site

Low-cost Storage Option: 

Azure Blob, Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage provide a low-cost option as the target for replication data 

Optimal Business Continuity: 

Protect against ransomware and other malicious attacks by recovering VMs in minutes based on selected Recovery Point

Flexibility of Recovery

Get ultimate flexibility to address your DR use cases. Recover workloads to Source or Target vSphere environment per selected Recovery Point

RiverMeadow Backup & DR Capability

Backup & Recovery

  • Protect on-premise VM’s or VM’ running on AVS, GCVE or VMC to cloud-based Object Storage including Azure Blob, Google Cloud Storage or AWS S3 for a cost-effective solution
  • Granular backups protect against malware and ransomware

Disaster Recovery to Datastore

  • Protect on-premise VM’s or cloudbased VM’s to vSphere datastore or to NetApp cloud-based storage (ANF, CVS, FSxN)
  • NetApp cloud-based storage allows for Zero-compute or Lite-clusters

Disaster Recovery

  • Protect VM’s in Primary Site (VCF, AVS, GCVE, VMC) to DR Site (VCF, AVS, GCVE, VMC)
  • Failover by Policy and Failback when primary site has been restored

A Single Pane of Glass

Set up and manage all backup and recovery operations through our easy-to-use, self-service dashboard:


RiverMeadow DR Ultimate Recovery Flexibility

RiverMeadow DR offers customers ultimate flexibility during recovery to address various use case needs. Workloads can be recovered or redirected to alternate locations within the Source or Target vSphere environment based on the selected Recovery Point. RiverMeadow also supports failback to ensure modified workloads in the DR site are recovered back to the primary site, including any and all changes that occurred while in failover mode

A Proven Approach

RiverMeadow’s deep expertise and comprehensive Cloud Migration and DR Services have been selected by many leading global brands, partners and service providers as their trusted solution for all their migration and DR needs. We've earned that trust from hundreds of clients in dozens of industries and we know we can earn it from you.

If you are looking for a one-stop-shop partner to deliver outstanding results from your cloud migration and DR projects, talk to our Experts today.

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