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Out-task Your Migration Projects to a Team of Experienced & Trusted Professionals

RiverMeadow’s Managed Migration Service (MMS) supports your migration management initiatives by identifying and grouping your applications and migrating them to AWS VPC and VMware environments. RiverMeadow’s proprietary MMS offers a best in class automated preflight readiness check to ensure your upcoming migration will be successful. RiverMeadow’s MMS will ensure your existing applications are moved efficiently and without the need for production rollbacks. We’ll migrate your applications to AWS and VMware in hours to days, not weeks to months.

The RiverMeadow MMS team will work closely with you to develop a migration management plan that achieves your project goals, objectives and timelines. The plan includes a review of your source environment and application workloads, an understanding of your AWS VPC and VMware cloud state and a high-level roadmap for executing the migration plan—including scheduled sessions and a prioritized list of steps to success.

The first step is to schedule an interview with a RiverMeadow representative to discuss your migration project details. The initial consultation enables us to work with you to determine the composition of workloads, resources and timeline for source deployments to the target cloud.

RiverMeadow MMS

  • Source Validation –  Validate source application workloads

  • Pre-Flight Migration Check – Verifies applications and servers will migrate successfully and flags issues requiring attention ahead of time

  • Move-Group Scheduling & Coordination – Aligns migration move group events to business and network requirements

  • Migration Management

    • Full Migration – Setup & execute initial full application workload migration from source to target cloud
    • Differential Migration – Block or file-based synchronization depending on requirements for testing & cutover
    • Delivery – Wrap up & handoff of completed migrated app move groups to customer teams for network cutover
  • Real-Time Monitoring – Detailed and summary views of migration status and progress

  • ReportingMigration project status, type, time/date and audit trails


  • Inventory of workloads (hostname, IP address, & credentials)
  • Provisioning of target environment (cloud or virtualized)
  • Routable network path from source to target (VPN or DirectConnect)
  • Availability for scheduled migration handover sessions, for the planned migration window and final delivery/cutover for migration move-groups
  • Customer is responsible for workload testing and acceptance
  • Customer target cloud must adhere to minimum performance standards
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"Within three days, I had four different people coming into my office telling me to check out RiverMeadow. We never expected this level of engagement or support throughout this process. Our whole team is overwhelmed with satisfaction."

–  Chris Swadish, VP & CTO, PCM

"The migration tool was quick, clear-cut, and incredibly easy to use. I couldn’t be happier with the result."

–  PCM CLient, Senior Director of IT

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