RiverMeadow SaaS: AWS Migration made easy!

-Cloud Migration Automation for AWS

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What Makes RiverMeadow Different than Other Migration Tools?

  • Run unlimited concurrent migrations   
  • Live, agentless migrations   
  • Full Featured API's for Automation   
  • Your OS in your Cloud. No templates needed.   
  • No hypervisor access, No problem (p,v,c-to-c)   

Watch a Server Migrate to AWS in Just a Few Minutes!

RiverMeadow Cloud Migration SaaS

Purpose-built for AWS Database Migration, RiverMeadow offers automation and on-demand scale-out to perform N number of parallel AWS server migrations  VPCs—dramatically reducing time, cost and risk associated with migrating servers to Cloud. Don't forget to claim your free trial!*

  • Minimal Change Management - requirements for source production
  • SaaS-based - no software to install on source production environment
  • Fast & Secure AWS database migration - leveraging AWS roles, native services and automation
  • Live Server Cloning - allows target server test/validation before final cut over to AWS
  • Full Featured APIs for Automation - RESTful APIs allow for automation of migration patterns on scale
  • Cloud Migration User Experience - Migrate via Web UI or drive automation via API
aws database migration

AWS IAM Role Support

Instantly gain access and connect servers to AWS services e.g. CloudWatch.

AWS AMI Support

Create AMIs post migration supporting your ability to launch additional instances.

Bulk Upload Workloads

Import N number of servers and migrate them under a single project plan.

Migration Extensions

Customize server(s) during the migration process e.g. server edition upgrade.


Bypass the need for hypervisor access or integrate with cloud tools e.g. discovery.

Variable Differential Sync

Flexibility to choose either Block or File based sync depending on your needs.

Report & Audit

View detailed reports and audit trails of all your migration projects.


Manage multiple projects or clients under a single migration account.


Schedule migration projects to run at optimal days and times.

Migration Plans

Create migration project plans that you can reuse over and over again.

*A RiverMeadow software representative will contact you within 24 business hours (United States, CA, West Coast, PST) to discuss your RiverMeadow Meadow Cloud Migration SaaS 30-day free trial. Unless otherwise agreed upon with RiverMeadow you will be entitled to perform 5 (five) migrations during the 3-day trial at no cost. Your RiverMeadow SaaS 30-day trial will commence upon the RiverMeadow system email time stamp associated with the RiverMeadow account registration email. We may also send you an email in the future informing you of new whitepapers, datasheets, releases, features, and offers.