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VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC) Migration

Migrate and modernize your workloads to VMC with RiverMeadow’s comprehensive cloud transformation services

Cloud Migration Services for VMware Cloud on AWS


You can now get scale, automation and fast provisioning for your VMware workloads on global AWS infrastructure with RiverMeadow's specialist VMC Services and Product Capability.

  • Run your application workloads in a familiar, tried and trusted environment
  • Maintain your investment in VMware vSphere (people, process and technology)
  • Benefit from the scalability, automation and DevOps that Public Cloud offers 

From discovery & assessment through migration delivery and post-migration validation, RiverMeadow bears the risk and the reward of delivery at a price point that is unmatched in the marketplace. 

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Supporting All Your VMware On Needs

Discovery Services


Focus on the cloud readiness of your applications, data and infrastructure 

Migration Services

 Physical & Virtual 

Safely migrate your workloads to VMC, regardless of scale, complexity or use case

Validation Services

Speed up Time to Value

Ensure your migrated workloads are fully tested and ready for handoff

Covering your Complete AWS (VMC) Cloud Migration Journey

AWS VMC cloud Journey

Market-Leading AWS (VMC) Cloud Migration Platform

Project Management

End-to-End Project Delivery

Create & manage projects

Assign & manage users

Move group management

Full PM Planning & Reporting


Agent-based or Agent-less migrations

Non-disruptive, no downtime

Continuous, Scheduled, Data Only, Data Seeding 

Secure live testing in target clone pre-cutover

SaaS-based licensing model: no installs or contracts

OS Modernization

Safely retire legacy OS’s

Avert business risk; get compliant

Avoid End of Support costs (CSAs)

Minimize security risk of older OS's

Application compatibility with new OS fully tested

Get the results you need with our AWS (VMC) fixed-price service delivery model

Deep VMC & HCX Expertise

Fixed Price Delivery Model

Advanced Product Capability

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Check out our short video

As a trusted AWS Partner with deep expertise in onboarding customers to VMware Cloud on AWS, RiverMeadow will dramatically reduce the time, cost and risk associated with moving your workloads to AWS Native or VMC.

Check out our short video here to see the ease and power of RiverMeadow's fast, flexible Cloud Migration Platform.

Retire Legacy Operating Systems as you migrate to Windows or Linux

with our OS Modernization capability

Safely retire legacy OS’s (technical debt)

Avoid the costs of Windows Server 2012/2012 R2 Extended Security Update fees

Mitigate cybersecurity threats from patched OS's

Avert business risk - minimize security risk of older OS's

Application compatibility with newer OS fully tested in target clone

No business interruption - OS upgrade is performed on a target clone

Find out more about RiverMeadow's OS Modernization capability

Multiple AWS Competencies

As an Amazon Partner Network (APN) member with multiple AWS competencies, RiverMeadow satisfies a wide mix of migration use-cases across enterprises, government and systems integration environments.

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