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RiverMeadow Announces New Partnership and Product Integration with MontyCloud to offer AWS Customers a Fully Integrated Cloud Transformation Experience

Los Gatos, Calif., 02.17.22. RiverMeadow Software Inc., a leading provider of Multi-Cloud Migration and Disaster Recovery Software and Services, announced today that it is partnering with MontyCloud, a Cloud Management and Operations Platform Company, to bring AWS customers a fully integrated cloud transformation experience.

Built to simplify cloud operations for AWS customers, MontyCloud’s DAY2™ Intelligent Cloud Management Platform acts as a centralized Monitoring and Management system to give IT teams full visibility and control over their cloud operations – including onboarding, provisioning, consumption management, governance, security, compliance and ongoing operations.

“Migrating and deploying infrastructure and applications into the cloud is only Day 1,” explains Jim Jordan, President and CEO of RiverMeadow. “With MontyCloud’s DAY2™ Intelligent Cloud Management Platform we are now offering our AWS customers the ability not only to Lift, Optimize and Protect their workloads but also to Manage and Operate them with all the flexibility and scale they require through a single Platform.”


The MontyCloud DAY2™ Platform is quick to set up and easy to use with an intelligent, customizable dashboard that visually tracks key performance indicators (KPIs), metrics and key data points:

“Once customers land in the cloud, they are in uncharted waters and the learning curve can be time- and cost-intensive,” according to Venkat Krishnamachari, CEO at MontyCloud. “By integrating MontyCloud DAY2™ with RiverMeadow’s Migration Platform, customers can now manage their cloud operations with agility and ease, without the need to upskill or retrain staff.”

 Customers have reported up to 70% cost reductions in CloudOps from using the MontyCloud DAY2™ Platform.

 Sample benefits across all accounts and cloud regions include:

Consolidation & Aggregation
  • Customers can quickly gain 360° visibility and control over all of their accounts, including cloud costs, security, compliance and operations
Policy Enforcement
  • Customers are empowered to make – and implement – self-service provisioning catalogs, customizable governance guardrails and consistent policy enforcement across their cloud footprint
Centralized Monitoring & Management
  • Streamlining and consolidation of all information under one single Platform provides real-time, actionable insights to the Customer
Cloud Security & Compliance
  • Automated checks are quickly set up against 200+ security best practices & 160+ compliance policies, with one-click remediation for swift corrective action

“RiverMeadow is fanatically focused on extending its value to our customers,” concludes Jim Jordan, “and this partnership is testament to that goal. MontyCloud is a digital pioneer and we are excited to be working with them to deliver a truly end-to-end cloud experience to our AWS customers.”

 About MontyCloud Inc. MontyCloud’s DAY2™ Platform enables enterprise IT teams build, deploy, and run well-managed infrastructure and operations-ready cloud applications and services without the need to write, test or maintain code. Many large enterprises, retail, healthcare, educational and research institutions use DAY2™ to efficiently manage and operate their cloud environments. MontyCloud is a certified AWS Advanced Technology Partner, AWS Public Sector Partner and Cloud Management Competency Partner. DAY2™ is built on native AWS resources.

MontyCloud Press Contact: contact@montycloud.com / +1 833 329 2677

About RiverMeadow: RiverMeadow is a Multi-Cloud Migration Services and DR Company with Product capability that will Lift, Optimize and Protect workloads faster, better and more cost-effectively. With our flexible, fixed-price Cloud Migration Services and Advanced Platform Capabilities, RiverMeadow uses the right tooling and process to achieve the desired outcome. RiverMeadow is an AWS Technology Partner with multiple AWS competencies and has deep domain expertise and unique IP to onboard customers to AWS and VMWare Cloud on AWS (VMC) faster, more cost-effectively and with lower risk.

RiverMeadow Press Contact: emma@rivermeadow.com / +44 (0)7949 278 497

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