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Network Performance Analyzer

Prevalidate your network's speed prior to moving workloads into and between public, private and hybrid clouds

Know your network is up to speed before you migrate

RiverMeadow's new Network Performance Analyzer will check your network's speed before you start the process of migrating workloads to the cloud


Plan your cloud migration projects with certainty and success


Test network latency and bandwidth from within RiverMeadow's Multi-Cloud Migration Platform


Identify issues with networking or security devices that may be blocking traffic needed for a migration

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Achieving a Successful Outcome - On Time

The Network Performance Analyzer is managed from RiverMeadow's Cloud Migration Appliance. An IP Address or FQDN is entered and a number of tasks are then executed based on the selection to the IP or FQDN specified. These tools include:







* For Latency testing the IP or FQDN specified must already have the RiverMeadow Agent installed onto it as the latency check is hardcoded to TCP port 5995 (RiverMeadow data transfer port). The Agent can be downloaded from the Migration Appliance and installed onto a source machine for testing latency.

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Outstanding Cloud Migration Telemetry

This new user interface for network troubleshooting further sets RiverMeadow apart in delivering state-of-the-art cloud migration telemetry from within our Multi-Cloud Migration Platform. Predict with certainty the timings of your migrations with RiverMeadow's Network Performance Analyzer.

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Market-Leading Cloud Migration Platform

Project Management

End-to-End Project Delivery

Create & manage projects

Assign & manage users

Move group management

Full PM Planning & Reporting


Agent-based or Agent-less migrations

Non-disruptive, no downtime

Continuous, Scheduled, Data Only, Data Seeding 

Secure live testing in target clone pre-cutover

SaaS-based licensing model: no installs or contracts

OS Modernization

Safely retire legacy OS’s

Avert business risk; get compliant

Avoid End of Support costs (CSAs)

Minimize security risk of older OS's

Application compatibility with new OS fully tested

Key Features and Capabilities

Migration Planner
Create migration project plans that you can reuse over and over again
Network Performance Analyzer

Test network latency and bandwidth to identify issues with networking or security devices that may be blocking traffic needed for a migration

Migration Scheduler
Schedule migration projects to run at optimal days and times
Block and File Based
Choose either Block or File based sync depending on your needs
Bypass the need for hypervisor access or integration with cloud tools
AMI Support

Create AMIs to support your ability to launch additional instances for faster configuration and deployment

AWS IAM Role Support
Instantly gain access and connect servers to target cloud services
Hot, Warm and Cold Migrations

Choose from near-zero downtime to entire workload 'switch-off', depending on your needs

Multi-Project Support
Manage multiple projects or clients under a single migration account
Report & Audit
View detailed reports and audit trails of all your migration projects
Pre-flight & Readiness Check
Verify if servers will migrate successfully and which issues may require attention
Bulk Migrate Workloads
Import an infinite number of workloads and migrate them under a single project plan
Migration Extensions
Automate an array of changes as part of a migration by injecting a script into the process that can carry out any number or tasks or modifications
Post-Migration Validation
Compare states and identify problems as they occur in order to gain greater speed, visibility and control over your migration projects

Retire Legacy OS's as you migrate to Windows or Linux

with our Automated In-Place OS Upgrade capability

Safely retire legacy OS’s (technical debt)

Mitigate cybersecurity threats from patched OS's

Avoid Windows 2008 End of Support costs (CSA)

No business interruption - OS upgrade is performed on a target clone

Application compatibility with newer OS fully tested in target clone

Avert business risk - minimize security risk of older OS's

Find out more about RiverMeadow's OS Modernization capability

A Fully Integrated Platform

As the only Cloud Migration solution that offers a fully integrated Platform, RiverMeadow believes in giving our customers the freedom of choice when it comes to deciding on which approach best suits your needs. Our methodology is proven and tested over hundreds of successful migration projects with many leading global brands, resellers, and service providers. Our business model, processes and methodology are based on success based pricing and entitlements.

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