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Our Online and Offline capabilities will address the challenges of migrating applications with large data sets to AWS and VMware Clouds. This capability enables large scale application migrations where data transfer volumes require an offline shipping and online synchronization capability. Disaster Recovery use cases are also satisfied with this joint solution.

Reduce Migration Time with High Performance Online/Offline Data Transfer

Irrespective of the source server environment (physical, virtual or any cloud), RiverMeadow SaaS delivers a live clone and copy of a source Windows or Linux operating system instance to a AWS or VMware target cloud environment. All resident application and user data is copied, and device drivers are converted as needed to the target hypervisor environment. Provisioning of the target VM is automated along with the migration. Large data sets can be migrated online or offline in conjunction to the RiverMeadow workload migration capability.


  • Migrating applications and workloads with large datasets live to AWS or VMware manually is complex, and 3rd party tools often provide partial solutions
  • Backup and DR tools require extensive configuration and management for migration, often with high failure  rates for Windows/Linux OS migration
  • Customers often need a mixture of online data copy and offline data transfer to satisfy application migration and downtime requirements

Solution - Online Data Transfer with workload migration:

RiverMeadow deploys a virtual appliance in the source to intelligently replicate the workloads and data to the virtual appliance. For online data transfers, where time and bandwidth permit, this virtual appliance can be placed in the target cloud and reduce the number of steps needed to get your workloads into the cloud.

Offline Data Transfer with workload migration:

For offline data transfer, RiverMeadow deploys a virtual appliance in the source environment. This virtual appliance intelligently replicates the workloads and data to its disks. A second virtual appliance can be deployed with the first to create a mirror of the workloads and data. Once the sync between the two appliances has completed, the second appliance is shipped to the target location and brought online.

RiverMeadow completes the migration, and providing the appropriate network bandwidth is in place, the deltas between the workloads can be re-synced online.

Key Features

  • RiverMeadow is a Lift & Shift migration automation platform, which performs a live and hot clone of the source server
  • Online Data Transfer with Real-time Sync
  • Offline Data Transfer with Intelligent Seeding
  • RiverMeadow can perform Physical to Virtual, Virtual to Virtual, & Cloud to Virtual migrations with On-Demand Workload
  • Conversion for near instant cutover