Movere - The intelligence you need to make smart decisions about your IT environment


Movere is a discovery solution that provides the data and insights needed to plan cloud migrations and continuously optimize, monitor and analyze IT environments with confidence.

  • Discovery: Within hours, understand what infrastructure and applications you have, where you have it, how it’s being used, by whom and when.
  • Cloud Readiness: Plan your migration journey wisely based on actual resource and consumption use, not on your current on-premise footprint.
  • Optimization & Transformation: Movere’s ARC tool provides detailed consumption and use data enabling you to optimize and tr5ansform environments for maximum efficiency.
  • Cybersecurity: Identify security gaps and ricks withy the insight, traceability and trackability of how your environment is being used, by whom and when – regardless of platform, application or geography.

Movere's agentless bots scan 1,000 servers per hour to capture everything in your IT environment then surfaces that information into a dynamic and customizable dashboard.  Additionally, it analyzes the data, then highlights the key insights IT administrators need to have visibility and control over their environment.

Running regular scans with Movere eliminates the need to repeatedly spend time manually gathering and integrating point-in-time data from independent sources simply to understand how your IT environment has changed – Movere does that for you with each Discovery cycle in a matter of hours and it continues to learn your environment while eliminating duplicative data points to ensure users have access to the most accurate, reliable and actionable data.

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“By combining the data and intelligence Movere provides about what and how to migrate with RiverMeadow’s automated migration capability, our joint offering accelerates our customer’s ability to migrate to the cloud faster and with complete confidence.”

–  Christina Klein, Chief Revenue Officer, Movere

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