NYI Cloud Migration


NYI resells RiverMeadow SaaS as its cloud onboarding solution for the NYI cloud platforms.

Owner-occupied Data Centers

NYI solely owns, operates, and maintains two strategically located data center facilities.

Because of this they can:

  • Guarantee fast turnaround times for specialized deployment launches
  • Maintain uptime without compromise in service quality during storms
  • Data Center partners in Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago

​Premium solutions tailored to business needs

We extend the power of choice to our customers. While most providers bundle their offering, forcing you to pay for additional services, we pride ourselves on giving you only what is necessary. Looking to add a managed VPN and a firewall to your existing server solution? Or maybe you want colocation with redundant offsite VPS instances, Cloud storage, and burstable bandwidth? It’s entirely up to you, we can build it. For more information visit nyi.net.


How to streamline hybrid cloud migration

"We are building an industry-leading services organization to help our go-to-market partners easily develop their cloud migration service organizations. Helping our partners deliver high-quality services to customers is essential."

–  Richard Scannell, President and CEO, RiverMeadow

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