OpenSky Cloud Migration

HP Helion

OpenSky resells RiverMeadow SaaS to its customers as their automated solution for migrating workloads to the Cloud.

OpenSky Corporation provides information technology expertise to help corporations optimize IT platforms, protect information assets and accelerate the adoption of strategic technologies. We specialize in transformational IT infrastructure, security and compliance consulting. For more information, visit

How to streamline hybrid cloud migration

"Adding RiverMeadow cloud migration automation to OpenSky's cloud solutions portfolio allows us to significantly reduce customer cloud deployment times. By automating the complex processes associated with cloud migration and doing so within the security framework of the customer's data center, RiverMeadow reduces the friction and minimizes associated risks. When you can offer customers that kind of advantage, everybody wins."

–  Roger Levasseur, President & CEO, OpenSky Corp.

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