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Speed up your time to value with our Post-Migration Validation Services

RiverMeadow will assist in the post-migration acceptance testing process by validating that application components are communicating as required and that application and operational services are running. This reduces the burden on Application Owners, allowing for an easier transition from the migration factory to the enterprise at cutover.

The Post-Migration Validation phase occurs once the migration and post-migration stack transformation phase has been completed. It serves as a combination of automated and manual tasks to ensure the migrated workload is ready for handoff with additional testing as needed.

Post-migration Validation seeks to provide some level of functional testing, including at the Cloud, VM, Operating System, and lightweight testing of the application. Activities in this phase could include but are not limited to: 

VMware Hardware version and VMware Tools version validation

RDP or SSH connection validation


Windows Firewall, iptables, SELinux, and NSG configuration validation

Domain / LDAP joined
Operating System activation with KMS servers
Group Policy Objects being applied
Windows Services / Linux Daemons are starting and event logs are clean

Light Application reconfiguration testing based on provided documentation – includes reconfiguration such as changes to ODBC, Database Connection Strings or static configuration files for repointing IP addresses

Light Application testing based on provided functional test plan – eg load application UI / Portal to ensure authentication and connectivity with other systems

Prepare for a smooth transition to cutover. Increase time to value with RiverMeadow’s Post-Migration Validation Services.

Our sole focus is to ensure that your transition to the cloud is smooth, seamless and successful.

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