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Post-Migration Stack Transformation Capability for Faster, Automated Post-Migration Transition

Reduce the time to implement common or frequent routines during your migration projects with RiverMeadow's Post-Migration Stack Transformation capability. We combine migration and automation to accelerate common operational handover tasks such as replacing software packages on the target machines for cloud readiness.

Common changes in software to cloud native include:

  • Endpoint Protection
  • Operating System Monitoring
  • Application Monitoring
  • Patch Management
  • Log Aggregation

In addition to operationalization use cases, application modernization can also be automated as part of the overall migration. Take a look at our video, 'Migrate to Cloud and Transform Your OS' that migrates a Windows 2008 R2 workload running Microsoft SQL Server 2008 to Azure with In-place OS Upgrade to Windows Server 2019 as well as a Post-Migration Stack Transformation which automates the upgrade of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 to Microsoft SQL Server 2017 and SQL Management Studio 18.04. This is an example of post-migration Operating System and Application modernization by leveraging two unique capabilities within the RiverMeadow platform.

Our Cloud Migration Experts provide assistance with the creation and execution of post-migration scripts, called 'Migration Extensions' which automate repetitive tasks and reduce the likelihood of errors in large-scale migration projects.

Flexible, Fixed-Price Services & Advanced Product Capability

RiverMeadow's Fixed-Price Multi-Cloud Services and Advanced Product Capability include Discovery & Assessment, Migration Delivery, Modernization of OS's from Window 2003 to 2019 and Post-Migration Stack Transformation and Validation. To find out more talk to a Cloud Migration Expert today to learn how to embark on your cloud journey the right way with RiverMeadow.

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