Manage your Cloud Migration Projects 

RiverMeadow's fully integrated Platform comprises four modules to streamline the management, discovery, migration and optimization of large-scale workloads to and between clouds. Designed specifically to address the roadblocks and complexities for mass migrations to multi-cloud environments, our Self-Service Project Management Module will enable you to onboard to cloud on time and on budget.

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Why use RiverMeadow's Project Management Module?

Our Self-Service Project Management Module will help you to plan, manage and execute your migration projects with accuracy and precision. The easy-to-use GUI interface enables you to create a migration project, manage entitlements, assign project resources and deploy cloud appliances - all with ease and speed:

  • End to end project delivery workflow: From Discovery to Migration
  • Create a Project, Establish Milestones (based on Move Groups)
  • Assign Project Resources (Create users, Assign roles, Delegation)
  • Deploy Cloud Appliances (Single, Hybrid, Multi-Cloud, Multi-Region)
  • Manage Entitlements (Assign from pool to Project via self-service)
  • Report on Status & Report Issues

As the only Cloud Migration solution that offers a fully integrated Platform, RiverMeadow believes in giving our customers the freedom of choice when it comes to deciding on which approach best suits your needs. Talk to a Cloud Migration Expert today to learn how best to embark on your journey to the cloud with confidence and ease.  

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