Manage Your Migration Projects with Ease

Customers and Partners can now migrate existing applications faster, more cost effectively and with lower risk! 


RiverMeadow's fully integrated Platform comprises four modules to streamline the management, discovery, migration and optimization of large-scale workloads to and between clouds. Designed specifically to address the roadblocks and complexities for mass migrations to multi-cloud environments, our Self-Service Project Management Module will enable you to onboard to cloud on time and on budget.

Why use RiverMeadow's Project Management Module?

Our Self-Service Project Management Module will help you to plan, manage and execute your migration projects with accuracy and precision. The easy-to-use GUI interface enables you to create a migration project, manage entitlements, assign project resources and deploy cloud appliances - all with ease and speed:

  • End to end project delivery workflow: From Discovery to Migrate
  • Create a Project, Establish Milestones (based on Move Groups)
  • Assign Project Resources (Create users, Assign roles, Delegation)
  • Deploy Cloud Appliances (Single, Hybrid, Multi-Cloud, Multi-Region)
  • Manage Entitlements (Assign from pool to Project via self-service)
  • Report on Status & Report Issues

As the only Cloud Migration solution that offers a fully integrated Platform, RiverMeadow believes in giving our customers the freedom of choice when it comes to deciding on which approach best suits your needs. Talk to a Cloud Migration Expert today to learn how best to embark on your journey to the cloud with confidence and ease.  

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