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RiverMeadow Collaborates with CloudSimple and Microsoft to Deploy Azure VMware Solutions


08.28.19 – Following the recent announcement by Microsoft that certified VMware partner, CloudSimple® Inc, will enable VMware cloud infrastructure to run in Microsoft Azure, cloud migration specialist RiverMeadow Software® Inc. has announced a partnership with CloudSimple to accelerate onboarding to VMware on Azure.

Azure VMware solution by CloudSimple enables VMware customers to move their virtualized workloads between on-premises data centers and Microsoft Azure without any changes to the tools and systems they are accustomed to using. It enables unified management, networking, storage and operating platform that leverages the VMware vSphere, vSAN and NSX-T platforms at scale on Azure.

RiverMeadow is a leader in the cloud migration market with its powerful Cloud Migration Platform and Services that enable enterprises to adopt cloud faster and at considerably less risk and cost. The collaboration with CloudSimple will allow customers to accelerate migration to VMware on Azure.

Commenting on the partnership, Parmeet Chaddha, SVP of Business Development & Customer Success at CloudSimple, stated “Operational continuity and infrastructure agility are a must for businesses when moving their on-premises VMware infrastructure into Azure. Our partnership means customers can now take advantage of fast provisioning and unified management to safely and quickly migrate to VMware on Azure using RiverMeadow’s powerful, low risk, low cost cloud migration platform.”

Jim Jordan, President and CEO at RiverMeadow said, “I am thrilled about the recent partnership between our two companies. CloudSimple enables enterprise customers get the benefit of cloud while still running its infrastructure and applications in a familiar, tried and trusted environment. Add in the performance and cost benefits of VMware on Azure and you have a complete solution. I fully expect to see massive enterprise adoption over the short term and I’m extremely happy that CloudSimple has recognized RiverMeadow’s market-leading position in cloud migration.”

About CloudSimple Inc.:

CloudSimple is the trusted partner that delivers innovative, proprietary technologies to the world’s leading cloud vendors to deploy and manage workloads in a dedicated, private cloud within public clouds. With the full support of Microsoft and VMware, VMware-as-a-Service is our first offering… www.cloudsimple.com

About RiverMeadow Software Inc.:

RiverMeadow provides an integrated, end-to-end multi-cloud migration platform and services to dramatically reduce the time, cost and risk associated with moving physical, virtual and cloud-based workloads into and between public, private and hybrid clouds… web: www.rivermeadow.com



Press Contact: Emma Tompkins, emma@rivermeadow.com, T: +44 (0)7949 278 497

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