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Delivery Services

The RiverMeadow Delivery enablement package comprises training, workshops, guidelines and best practices, documentation, and tools.  RiverMeadow’s delivery experts will show you how to conduct pre-discovery and discovery workshops, integrate RM products with your own toolset or with customer portals using APIs, migrate entire data centers and test, validate and cut over the servers to the cloud.


RiverMeadow Delivery Partner Certification

As a RiverMeadow Certified Delivery partner, you will be authorised to use RiverMeadow copyrighted workshops and materials to discover and assess a customer’s requirements, design a migration plan for them, and execute on that plan.



Program Features



Discovery Workshop

A Migration Discovery Workshop takes you through the steps from considering a cloud strategy to developing a migration roadmap.  RiverMeadow Services will work closely with you and your customers to make sure the workshop aligns to your goals and objectives.

Discovery workshops result in a shared understanding of the current environment, an understanding of the targeted state, a high level roadmap and plan for executing to that roadmap, including a prioritized list of initiatives.


Migration Roadmap Workshop

The Migration Roadmap workshop is a facilitated workshop to rapidly assess customer requirements for migration. The workshop will allow you to quickly perform migration planning including the method of migration and dependency mapping  The workshop teaches you how to determine the work breakdown structure, resources and timeline for deployments to the target cloud.


Migration Delivery Training

Courseware presentations that enable you to effectively using the RM product for migration projects.  These courses are targeted towards delivery management and delivery teams for migration projects.  Available via onsite or online delivery.  Modules include Planning, Preparation, Migration, Administration, APIs, Operations and Reporting.


Migration Framework

The RiverMeadow Migration Framework is a part of the RiverMeadow Delivery Methodology.  It provides an overall delivery engagement model for delivering migrations. This framework provides a series of logical steps to execute a migration program, and is flexible to accommodate customer variables.


Migration Best Practices

The RiverMeadow Delivery Methodology includes Migration Guidelines and Migration Best Practices.  They are in the form of overall delivery guides, outlining overall guidelines for migration, and specific best practice recommendations.


API Integration Guide

The API integration guide provides field examples of API integration and guidelines on how best to utilize the RiverMeadow APIs to integrate other applications with RiverMeadow, to call APIs from various UI frameworks, and to build variations of the migration process.


RiverMeadow Services has, as part of its Delivery Framework, several tools that are available for our partners to use.  These include guided Decision Trees, specialised RESTFUL APIs and Integrations with third party tools.

The value of an automated cloud migration

"We are building an industry-leading services organization to help our go-to-market partners easily develop their cloud migration service organizations. Helping our partners deliver high-quality services to customers is essential."

–  Richard Scannell, President and CEO, RiverMeadow

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