WW Services Support Enablement

Support Services

The RiverMeadow Support enablement package comprises training, documentation, access to tools, access to expertise and integration consulting. 


RiverMeadow Support Partner Certification

As a RiverMeadow Support partner, your ability to monitor, troubleshoot and support RiverMeadow SaaS will be fully validated. 

The RMS Support Certification is a two-tiered support offering that certifies your support function to perform Levels 1-2 and Level 3 support for the RiverMeadow SaaS product.  Certified Support Partners also have a direct channel to RiverMeadow Support and the ability to directly create issues and request new features.


Program Features



Migration Monitoring

Courseware, videos and documentation on how to monitor one to many migrations in process.  Covers monitoring of the status of the migration, the migration engine and front-end associated with the migration, the step within that migration and the status of the connections with the source and target.


Migration Reporting

Migration reporting features videos and documentation on how to report on migrations after they have been completed.  This allows you to develop metrics on migrations completed, time taken and provides backup for migration billing.


Monitoring Tools

RMS developed support tools, including server and network monitoring tools and migration error alerts.


Support Training

Training courseware presentations for technical support engineers on migration and troubleshooting processes, operations setup and RiverMeadow administration. Onsite or online delivery.


Troubleshooting Tools

Access to tools for troubleshooting, such as migration logs, error codes and conditions, and migration stop, restart and resume capabilities.


Troubleshooting Guide

Videos and documentation on troubleshooting problems that might arise with migrations. This guide provides a description of the logs, command line options, APIs, and other help in analyzing a problem. There is also guidance on how to approach some general issues.


Technical Support

Our technical support team is available to back up your support team and help them resolve issues, file bugs, request features, etc.  The team can help guide your support engineers on troubleshooting approach and what sort of data is needed for bug or incident reporting.


Operations Management Framework

The Operations Management framework provides a model for how RiverMeadow Operations will tie into other operations models.  Delivered as a customised workshop.



Content store that enables a support engineer to draw upon the knowledge gathered within RiverMeadow of the product and processes associated with the product.  The knowledgebase and FAQs  are maintained constantly.


Integration Consulting

Our integration consulting team helps unite your support processes and tools with RiverMeadow’s and ensure that there is as simple and smooth a flow of data back and forth.

The value of an automated cloud migration

"Moving existing application stacks to the cloud is risky and complicated. Through years of experience, RiverMeadow has seen many companies make crucial mistakes when transitioning to the cloud. Our end-to-end Service will help eliminate these hurdles and mistakes.” 

–  Jim Jordan, CEO, RiverMeadow

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