When it comes to large-scale Cloud Migration projects, use case addressability becomes paramount. The diversity of use cases, the variety of sources, and source environments often become blockers for FREE tools like Azure Migrate.  

RiverMeadow vs Azure Migrate Comparison

Rivermeadow's unique, flexible Cloud Migration Platform is proven in the market across many Fortune 100 customers over countless industry verticals. Having completed many large-scale Azure migration projects over the past 12 months on behalf of Microsoft, we wanted to share with you many of the limitations associated with Azure Migrate.

Check out the following comparison between RiverMeadow's Cloud Migration Platform and Azure Migrate:

  Analysis does not include ASR which is a different product and has different requirements



Azure Migrate

Use Case Addressability

Migration onto (Azure and AVS) 

Migrate onto any Public or Private Cloud


Migrate any Source Physical or Virtual


Cloud to Cloud and or non-VMware/Hyper-V Migrations


Migrate from Azure Classic to ARM

Migrate from one Azure Subscription to another

OS-based or VM-based Migrations


Block-based and File-based Data Transfer


Added Migration Value

Lift and Modernize - OS Modernization

Lift and Optimize - Partition Right-sizing

Flexibility - Ease of Use

Deployment Options
(PaaS or Dedicated Private Deployment) for Security and Compliance


Agent or Agentless


No On-prem requirements


Day2 Operation - Automating adding or removing software agents

Be sure all your Cloud Migration needs can be met before you start

Time and again, our Cloud Migration specialists have seen ‘Free’ migration tools like Azure Migrate grind projects to a halt because of their lack of flexibility to accommodate customers' diverse use case needs. That’s why RiverMeadow has built a highly flexible Multi-Cloud Migration Platform that can address the vast majority of different use cases and constraints in one tool using one process.

There is a better way! - Talk to our Cloud Migration Experts today when looking for an Azure or AVS Cloud Migration Platform that offers ultimate flexibility to address all and any of your diverse use case requirements.