Today, businesses evolve alongside technology. Decision-making must be done with a long-term view in mind while also keeping an eye on a company’s competitive edge. Yet as we move forward, what are a few wise technological investments that a company can make to keep its businesses ahead of the pack?

The best investment for a company of any size is a cloud migration SaaS (software as a service) Platform rather than an on-premise system migration. The main difference between on-premise infrastructure and a SaaS solution is that on-premise systems are installed on local servers and managed by an internal IT team whereas a cloud solution is provided to a company as a service. This means that the total cost of the software infrastructure is significantly reduced.

But the advantages of cloud computing do not end with financial gains. Cloud computing enables improvement in efficiency, productivity, and accessibility. According to Cisco’s Global Cloud Index, between 2013 and 2018, 59% of all cloud workflow was estimated to be delivered as a SaaS.

At RiverMeadow, we are often asked about the additional benefits that our SaaS platform can offer. And the answer to that question is that there are many. But before we step further into the reasons why you should choose a SaaS platform migration, here are some statistics about SaaS usage over the past year:

  • 33% of companies are using more SaaS applications today than in 2016
  • 38% of companies started to implement a SaaS-only workplace in 2017 (compared to 17% in 2016)
  • 80% of users prefer cloud-hosted and SaaS apps for organizational purposes (compared to 51% in 2016)
  • The revenue expected for the SaaS public market will reach $76 billion by the end of 2020

Why should companies choose SaaS over other system migration solutions?

1/ Costs

The initial investment for a cloud-based system migration solution is lower than what is needed for an on-premise system. This is because companies only need to install the software (and fit it to their requirements), and then directly access it through an authorized computer.

Costs can also be reduced if we consider the time and training processes. For cloud-based solutions like SaaS, the time required for the implementation is lower, and solutions usually include support features, which reduce costs, once again.

2/ Maintenance

SaaS solutions do not require maintenance and repairs. They offer multiple backups in the case a company needs to rollback. Moreover, if a company faces downtime with the cloud, it has a lower impact because the software provider usually has the resources required to put any failure back on track in minimal time.

The internal IT team will no longer have to handle the maintenance processes for the on-premise system, nor does it need to do regular check-ups to avoid unnecessary issues.

3/ System upgrades and customized solutions

With SaaS solutions, companies do not have to worry about updates anymore. Any system upgrade will be seamlessly done by the service provider, who also ensures that the latest versions of the software are installed.

The cloud migration allows companies to migrate their customized features to previous or future versions of the solution, which isn’t possible with on-premise solutions where the entire IT team has to redeploy the system across users’ computers.

4/ Performance and time management

When it comes to the time needed to deploy a storage solution, the cloud is, without a doubt, more suitable than on-site solutions. SaaS deployment is almost non-existent compared to on-premise platforms, where the IT team has to spend more time to procure and install the infrastructure.

Also, cloud-based systems are specially built to ensure the maximum network performance, while with on-premise systems, speed and performance rely on a company’s in-house servers. As the business grows, problems may appear in the server’s capacity, which will force the IT department to buy additional resources to maintain performance.

Above, we have laid out the main advantages that SaaS platforms bring to any business. The RiverMeadow SaaS platform can do all of this and much more. Our customers and partners report greater efficiency and performance alongside a reduction in their overall IT budgets.

If you are looking for a solution that will help you securely transfer and deposit your workloads to the cloud in a safe, low-cost and super-fast way, find out more about our SaaS platform by contacting our consultants or scheduling a demo.