Cloud Migration

Eliminate setup & agent installs
Automate manual steps
Shrink change windows
Keep business running during migration
Migrate workloads live, as-is
Eliminate errors & reworks
Eliminate need for rollbacks
Test & verify before cutover
Migrate behind the firewall

Purpose-built for Server Migration & Apps to Cloud

Migrating workloads can be a risky, time consuming and costly process. Often workloads need to be migrated one at a time, have to be taken out of production (disrupting business and productivity) and involve highly skilled resources. Not to mention compliance and security compromises that can arise from installing software agents or shipping servers offsite to 3rd parties to replatform and deploy. RiverMeadow SaaS solves these issues with a fast, secure, automated workload migration solution.


Purpose-built for cloud, RiverMeadow offers automation and on-demand scale-out to perform N number of parallel migrations—dramatically reducing time, cost and risk associated with migrating servers to Cloud.

RiverMeadow SaaS automates the migration of physical, virtual or cloud resident servers to AWS and VMware clouds. It securely transits and deposits them into a destination cloud, irrespective of physical, hypervisor or cloud constraints. RiverMeadow SaaS is non-intrusive. There is no need to install agents on source servers nor does RiverMeadow require hypervisor level access to perform migrations. Source servers remain up and running during migration as well.


Whether your generally migrating servers or specifically applications such as web and multi-tiered apps or even entire DevTest environments, RiverMeadow SaaS is your fast-ticket to AWS, VMware and Microsoft Azure clouds.

RiverMeadow SaaS

  • Datacenter Secure - Migrate behind the firewall
  • API-Driven - Hypervisor agnostic
  • Web-based GUI - Easy to use, migrate servers and apps with just a few button clicks
  • As-Is, Agentless Migrations - Non-disruptive, No Shutdowns or reboots
  • SaaS-based - No installs, PaaS lock-in or long-term contracts
Server Migration - RiverMEadow SaaS

RiverMeadow SaaS Features

AWS IAM Role Support

Instantly gain access and connect servers to AWS services e.g. CloudWatch.

AWS AMI Support

Create AMIs post migration supporting your ability to launch additional instances.

Bulk Migrate Workloads

Import N number of servers and migrate them under a single project plan.

Migration Extensions

Customize server(s) during the migration process e.g. server edition upgrade.


Bypass the need for hypervisor access or integrate with cloud tools e.g. discovery.

Variable Differential Sync

Flexibility to choose either Block or File based sync depending on your needs.

Report & Audit

View detailed reports and audit trails of all your migration projects.

Multi-Project Support

Manage multiple projects or clients under a single migration account.


Schedule migration projects to run at optimal days and times.

Migration Plans

Create migration project plans that you can reuse over and over again.

Pre-flight & Readiness Check

Verifies servers will migrate successfully and alerts to any issues that require attention.

                     RiverMeadow SaaS enables fast, secure & automated                      cross-hypervisor workload portability

Secure Direct Cloud Migration

Secure Direct Cloud Migration delivers a new approach to securely migrating large, complex workloads in less time, with less cost and risk. Workloads are onboarded to the Cloud “as-is” in hours versus months and without disrupting function and performance.
RiverMeadow SaaS Secure Direct Migration (SDM)

RiverMeadow's Secure Direct Migration (SDM) methodology was designed to eliminate the security challenges associated with migrating sensitive server data and images to cloud. Secure Direct Migration (SDM) is an automated server migration method that employs innovative APIs to securely connect sources to supported destination Clouds – public, private or hybrid.  

SDM is the optimal method for any cloud migration project including those that invlovle moving servers housed in high compliance and high security environments. The connection is point-to-point via the existing routable path. Server data remains 100% behind the firewall never leaving the security of the connected datacenter. RiverMeadow SaaS deploys a Cloud Appliance into the Target Cloud that communicates with the Source environment over the existing Source to Target secure connection. The Cloud Appliance gathers meta-details (e.g. OS type) on each of the Sources being migrated. Those meta-details are then used to create Target Workers that are deployed into the Target to complete the migration process via direct migration. SDM reduces security risks associated with migrations.

Over the next few years, as businesses look to the clouds for more of their IT operations, they will need tools such as RiverMeadow Cloud Migration SaaS for efficiently moving virtualized servers and data to clouds initially as well as between clouds on an ongoing basis.
– Mark Levitt, Director of Business Cloud Strategies Research, Strategy Analytics
  • Cloud Migration GUI

World-Class GUI

RiverMeadow SaaS features a user-friendly GUI that makes it easy to migrate servers to Cloud with just a few clicks of a button.  The GUI makes it possible to manage onboarding according to your migration plan.  Almost anyone can easily be trained to use the RiverMeadow GUI to perform administrative and migration tasks.  Through the GUI, target clouds can be set up, source servers added to a migration library, migration plans created and migrations executed and archived.  The ability to auto collect and view server attributes prior to migration decreases the risk of user error and accelerates the migration process. Once you’ve collected and configured the migrations from the GUI, simply click migrate and RiverMeadow does the rest.