Are you exiting a third party data center or colocation facility and experiencing a lack of cooperation from your current service providers? In which case you’re facing what we call a ‘Hostile' Cloud Migration.

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The Problem:

It’s not uncommon for our Cloud Migration Experts to encounter customers whose Infrastructure or Application Service Providers are actively discouraging them from moving out of their data centers or colo facilities, refusing any form of access to these locations to facilitate the movement of workloads.

This can be a real show-stopper for companies who are planning to move workloads to public or private clouds. The vast majority of 'Lift & Shift' automation migration tools on the market require some form of data center / hypervisor access to deploy virtual appliances or agents in order to facilitate migrations.

With limited to no access granted to source datacenters, some Service Providers are claiming that the only way they can transition customer workloads is by reinstalling all applications from scratch. This process is highly risky, time-consuming and very expensive. The reinstall process can significantly disrupt a company’s plans for moving out of an existing data center or colo facility.

And so customers are left weighing the benefits of moving versus the risks and costs of remaining - not a good situation for any business to be in. Preserving the flexibility and mobility to go wherever your needs and opportunities lead is vital for any business if they are to maintain a competitive edge.

The Solution:

Because RiverMeadow's unique Migration Platform does not require any virtual infrastructure to be deployed on premise or in the source environment workloads can be migrated out of a 'hostile' service provider or collocated data center with ease.

Our Multi-Cloud Migration Platform advocates flexibility and mobility and is designed to be easy to implement and very lightweight in terms of requirements. These include:

  • Source IP address
  • Source credentials
  • Any type of connectivity between the source and target (Internet, VPN or cloud-native network such as ExpressRoute)

The benefits of this approach:

  • Ease of Deployment – with RiverMeadow’s Platform you can get up and running and migrating from anywhere to anywhere in as little as 15 minutes without having to deploy virtual infrastructure to the source datacenter
  • Ease and Speed of Access - no source hypervisor access is required which prevents delays caused by permissions problems resulting in Access Denied errors (source hypervisor access isn’t possible in most MSP/CSP situations)

Don’t be held hostage:

If you are currently facing a 'Hostile Migration' situation, talk to a RiverMeadow Cloud Migration Expert today. Let us show you how you can take back control of you move out of a data center without increased delay, cost or risk.

"Thanks to RiverMeadow's minimalistic requirements and easy deployment, we were able to achieve our business objectives quickly and cost-effectively by lifting and shifting these workloads into the cloud without needing to rely on our incumbent service provider in any way". Cloud Strategy Director, Global Manufacturing Company.