Do you need to Exit a Managed Services Provider, and they're not 'Playing Ball' and not giving you the required access permissions? We call this a 'Hostile Migration' situation!

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The Use Case:

A Global Telco Company needed to migrate around 1000 physical and virtual machines to the Cloud in less than 90 days. A substantial proportion of the workloads to be relocated were hosted with a 3rd party Managed Services Provider that would not be used in the future by the Global Telco, a “hostile Managed Service Provider.”

The Solution:

Discovery Services: RiverMeadow, performed a thorough discovery and assessment of the Customer’s entire Estate identifying Servers and Applications to be migrated, determined Application dependencies, created project plans and timeliness and Move Groups (by application stacks). RiverMeadow also recommended Cloud rightsizing opportunities based on actual resource consumption.

Migration Capability: RiverMeadow’s proprietary Cloud Migration Platform was used to automate the movement of workloads from the “hostile managed service provider”. The RiverMeadow Platform can move any physical, virtual and cloud-based workloads to any public, private or hybrid cloud. It does not require agents to be installed on sources or any appliances on-prem, enabling workloads to be moved with minimal to no support from the ‘hostile’ Managed Service Provider. RiverMeadow completed the entire project in under 90 days.

RiverMeadow Platform 

The Customer chose to work with RiverMeadow, specifically because of RiverMeadows' unique Platform Capability, deep domain expertise and exceptional migration strategy to enable a full lift-and-shift of all VMs. With this migration project completed successfully, on time and on budget, plans are underway to extend the customers’ global cloud footprint with the help of RiverMeadow. 

Don’t be held hostage:

If you are currently facing a ‘Hostile Migration’ situation, talk to a RiverMeadow Cloud Migration Expert today. Let us show you how you can take back control of your move out of a Managed Service Provider environment without increased delay, cost or risk.