Are you considering migrating to a public, private, or hybrid cloud environment? Let RiverMeadow guide your journey! Our Cloud Migration Platform offers a fully automated, comprehensive solution to streamline moving to a multi-cloud environment. Our platform empowers you to gain enhanced visibility and control over your migration projects, no matter your target cloud environment. Built to deliver at speed and scale, RiverMeadow supports a wider range of use cases than any other industry competitor. Embark on your cloud migration journey confidently, knowing that RiverMeadow has you covered every step.

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Workload Mobility

With RiverMeadow's state-of-the-art Workload Mobility Platform, you gain the power to move your workloads with precision and ease. Our platform supports any-to-any migrations, being agnostic to the source machine, which can be any physical, virtual, cloud-based or hybrid system. Similarly, it's target cloud agnostic, allowing migration to one or more target clouds, including Azure, AVS, GCE, GCVE, AWS, VMC, vSphere, and OpenStack.

Our platform is designed to support a wide array of migrations - whether you're looking to transition workloads from on-premises to on-premises, on-premises to cloud, cloud to cloud, or cloud to on-premises. RiverMeadow’s platform is engineered to cater to these diverse needs and to avoid vendor lock-in.


Before starting the migration process, RiverMeadow's platform facilitates an in-depth discovery phase. It allows you to create or ingest inventory from several sources - you can use a web form, upload a CSV file, or directly query the source hypervisor. This inventory can then be grouped by Application Stack or Sprint. You can assign named resources and target migration dates for easy tracking and reporting. RiverMeadow’s platform enables you to execute and review Migration Pre-flight checks before migration. These checks help identify and rectify potential issues before the planned migration, ensuring a smoother migration process. 

Our platform lets you view VM performance data and VM right-sizing recommendations, specifically for vSphere. This functionality provides insights into your current VM specifications and usage patterns, offering suggestions for the optimal configuration that suits your needs. In addition, RiverMeadow's platform can inspect sources for installed applications and versions, providing a comprehensive view of your existing environment.

Unique industry-leading Workload Mobility

A defining feature of the RiverMeadow fully-automated platform is its capability to "clone" your workloads. This feature creates an exact replica of your workload in the target location while leaving the source intact. It offers businesses the freedom to manage their workloads based on their unique requirements, providing an additional layer of flexibility and control. Cloning allows for thorough testing on the clone before cut-over. This added layer of assurance ensures that migrated workloads function as expected in the new environment.

Next, our platform provides flexible migration options. It supports both OS-based migration and VM-based migration capabilities and offers both block-based and file-based replication. Depending on your needs, it can perform Full Migration or Differential Migration, either on-demand, on a recurring schedule, or via continuous sync. For those looking to decouple data from the underlying OS, we offer Data Only Migration to cloud-native or to NetApp cloud-based storage. For DaaS scenarios, we provide VDI Migration, including Full Migration (OS + Apps + Data) or User Profile Migration (Physical endpoint / VDI -> VDI PaaS).

The RiverMeadow platform also allows you to optimize your target machines as part of the migration process. This includes:

  • Compute Optimization: Our platform supports right-sizing, allowing you to import or select preferred VM or Instance sizing based on right-sizing to reduce OPEX.
  •  Storage Optimization: You can resize partitions as part of the migration to reduce capacity footprint and thereby reduce OPEX.
  •  Network Optimization: Our platform enables you to retain IP/MAC, add/modify NICs and IP addressing, change MTU sizes, and apply security configurations.
  •  OS Modernization: Upgrade the target Operating System as part of migration with support for Windows Server, Windows Desktop, and major Linux Distributions.
  • Post-migration Automation: Execute scripts to run as part of the migration to reduce manual effort. This includes, for example, installing Security and Day 2 Operation software agents.

Our platform performs over 80 comprehensive pre-flight checks to ensure a successful migration. It’s all about early detection. Being able to tackle problems soon in the process means they can be rectified so that you can migrate confidently and resolve any issues rapidly. RiverMeadow’s automated Pre-Flight Validation checks for over 80 parameters, depending on your chosen target cloud, which firmly puts you in the driving seat, ensuring your migrations run smoothly and on time.

Key Features of Workload Mobility

  • Any-to-any migrations: source machine and target cloud agnostic
  • Supports a wide array of migrations
  • Unique capability to clone workloads
  • Flexible migration options: OS-based migration or VM-based migration
  • Full Migration and Differential Migration as required
  • Block-based or file-based replication
  • Data Only Migration to cloud-native or to NetApp cloud-based storage
  • VDI Migration for DaaS
  • Option to migrate workloads by VM or OS
  • Testing on the clone before cut-over
  • Performs over 80 comprehensive pre-flight checks
  • Optimization capabilities: compute, storage, network optimization, OS modernization, and post-migration automation


RiverMeadow's Infrastructure Modernization (InfraMod) capabilities are a robust solution to help businesses modernize their workloads at scale. Keeping your workloads up-to-date, secure, compliant, and optimized in an ever-evolving technology landscape becomes imperative. InfraMod is designed to address these needs effectively, reducing technical debt, enhancing security posture, ensuring compliance, and helping save considerable resources, including potential cost-savings in Microsoft Extended Security Updates (ESU) fees.

Our InfraMod capabilities extend across a wide range of systems. For Windows Server versions, we offer upgrades to the latest supported versions. This means that you're not just always up-to-date, but you also gain access to the latest features and security updates. For Linux, we support both version upgrades and OS conversions. This capability allows you to switch between different Linux distributions while maintaining operational continuity.

RiverMeadow's SQL Modernization capabilities form a critical component of our offering. These capabilities enable businesses to upgrade their Microsoft SQL versions starting at SQL Server 2008 to 2022. Furthermore, RiverMeadow can combine Windows Server OS Modernization and SQL Modernization. This feature allows businesses to modernize their OS and SQL Servers concurrently, reducing downtime and ensuring a seamless transition.

In the context of cloud spending optimization, RiverMeadow’s VM rightsizing capabilities come into play. Our platform analyzes your VM specifications and usage patterns, offering recommendations for the optimal configuration that suits your needs. This ensures that you only pay for what you use, optimizing your cloud costs.

InfraMod also places a strong emphasis on security and compliance. By applying robust security configurations to target workloads, we can help businesses bolster their security posture, making their workloads more resistant to threats and avoiding extended support costs associated with outdated systems.

Key Features of InfraMod

  • Modernizes workloads at scale
  •  Enhances security posture and ensures compliance
  •  Potential cost-savings in Microsoft ESU fees
  • Supports Windows Server versions and Linux version upgrades and OS conversions
  • SQL Modernization capabilities
  • Combines Windows Server OS Modernization and SQL Modernization
  • VM rightsizing capabilities

Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR)

Our Backup & Recovery feature protects on-premise VMs or VMs running on AVS, GCVE, or VMC to cloud-based Object Storage, including Azure Blob, Google Cloud Storage, or AWS S3, for a cost-effective solution. Granular backups protect against malware and ransomware.

We offer Disaster Recovery to Datastore, protecting on-premise VMs or cloud-based VMs to vSphere datastore or to NetApp cloud-based storage (ANF, CVS, FSxN). NetApp cloud-based storage allows for Zero-compute or Lite-clusters, which can significantly reduce your infrastructure costs. This protection extends to VMs in the Primary Site (VCF, AVS, GCVE, VMC) to the DR Site (VCF, AVS, GCVE, VMC). In case of a disaster, our platform supports failover by policy and allows for failback when the primary site has been restored. This robust solution ensures business continuity, reduces downtime, and enhances data protection in unforeseen circumstances.

Our platform offers flexible consumption options - it can be consumed as SaaS or deployed into your preferred target cloud based on your security requirements. It also provides self-service capabilities to partners and customers, including onboarding, security, planning, execution, and reporting. For those looking to integrate RiverMeadow into their existing systems, we offer REST APIs for integration into 3rd party orchestration solutions.

Experience Financial Clarity with RiverMeadow's Fixed Price Assurance

At RiverMeadow, we understand that financial predictability is key to successful IT transformation. That's why we offer our Fixed Price Assurance - a commitment to transparent and predictable pricing for all our services. This approach ensures that businesses can plan and budget with confidence, free from the concerns of hidden costs or escalating expenses. Our fixed price model is not just a pricing strategy; it's a testament to our dedication to providing value and trust in every partnership. Whether migrating workloads, modernizing operating systems, or optimizing your cloud infrastructure, RiverMeadow stands by you with a clear, consistent, competitive pricing structure. With RiverMeadow's Fixed Price Assurance, your journey toward technological advancement is grounded in financial transparency and control, allowing you to focus on strategic growth and innovation.

Final Thoughts and Next Steps

Take your business to the next level with RiverMeadow's innovative solutions. Our comprehensive Workload Mobility platform and Infrastructure Modernization (InfraMod) capabilities offer a robust solution to move and modernize your workloads at speed and scale. Furthermore, our platform's Backup and Disaster Recovery features ensure your data is always protected and recoverable, providing you peace of mind in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

With RiverMeadow, you can confidently navigate the complexities of cloud migration and modernization. Our platform is built to address a wide range of use cases and workloads, making it a preferred choice for businesses aiming to avoid vendor lock-in while benefiting from a solution that caters to their unique requirements.

Don't let the complexity of migration slow down your progress. Move forward with speed, scale, and certainty with RiverMeadow. Discover the power of our unique Multi-Cloud, Multi-Platform Workload Mobility, and optimization capabilities. Talk to a RiverMeadow Expert Today, and let us help you get your Workloads moving in minutes, not days and weeks. Unlock the full potential of your business with RiverMeadow.