Migrating to cloud has its many benefits but getting there can prove challenging. It is a well known fact that most migration failures happen in the 11th hour causing you to have to start over. This costs time (labor), network bandwidth and potentially even data loss in some more extreme scenarios.

Having the ability to predict ahead of time the likely outcome of your migration will not only help to significantly speed up the entire process but will also guarantee a successful outcome. We recommend using an automated pre-migration validation tool that enables you to predict any issues with a migration before you even start. With the help of automation you can make any necessary changes, thereby virtually guaranteeing that your migrations run smoothly.

The RiverMeadow SaaS Cloud Migration Platform has a unique inbuilt capability to pre-validate, ahead of time, whether or not your workloads will migrate successfully.

Metadata is gathered and checked, both on the source and target for required facilities and resources, giving you the chance to remediate any errors, warnings or recommendations and re-check readiness prior to migration. Based on a traffic light system, the following messages will be issued:

  • A successful state means the source is ready to migrate
  • A warning state means user action is recommended (if you are comfortable proceeding, you can manually select your source(s) to continue)
  • An error state means the migration cannot proceed

When you are ready to migrate your source(s), you can continue on to create a Migration Profile and specify configuration details for the clones of your sources (target instances). At this point you are then ready to schedule migrations for a future date or run them immediately.

As you can see, it’s all about early detection. Being able to tackle problems soon on in the process means they can be rectified so that you can migrate confidently and resolve any issues rapidly. RiverMeadow’s automated Pre-Flight Validation checks for over 60 parameters, depending on your chosen target cloud, which firmly puts you in the driving seat, ensuring that your migrations run smoothly, on time and with success upon first attempt.

Still wondering who to choose for your migration? We think RiverMeadow’s powerful SaaS Cloud Migration Platform is the perfect answer! Contact us or schedule a demo to find out more.