The Company

A global diversified industrial manufacturing company with revenues in excess of $13B selected Amazon Web Services as its cloud infrastructure provider and wanted to move its global IT infrastructure to the AWS cloud.  

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The Challenge

As the first step in their cloud journey, the company performed an internal assessment of the organization and concluded that to meet business and market demands, mprove its Agility, Productivity, Quality of Service (QoS), and innovation to capitalize new business opportunities, all while lowering operational costs. To accomplish these goals, they created a Cloud Computing Core team to evaluate and adopt a cloud provider.

They selected AWS as their cloud provider and agreed to build new applications in AWS as part of their “Cloud First” strategy. In addition, their “Cloud First” Strategy decided to move its existing applications to the AWS cloud using a phased approach. The first phase involves the migration of their workloads from two of their data centers.

The Solution

In order to make this migration cost-effective, they evaluated several migration automation tools and selected RiverMeadow’s SaaS Migration Platform. They loved the fact that RiverMeadow is agentless, cost-effective, and solely built for migrations rather than just a repurposed disaster recovery lift and shift tool.

The Results

This project consisted of migrating over 400 VM’s from two US-based datacenters to AWS.  RiverMeadow was able to migrate the Windows, as well as RHEL and OEL virtual machines. The company migrated several databases including Oracle, SQL, as well as SQL Anywhere.  Their application migrations were vast as well and included Tableau, SAP, file servers, and project life-cycle software.

Through their use of RiverMeadow, the manufacturing company was able to migrate to AWS quickly, and they are expecting a Total Cost of Ownership savings of over 15%.

Final Thoughts

RiverMeadow SaaS Platform helped the leading manufacturing company accomplish its general objectives of designing a “Cloud First” strategy. Even if the project is still ongoing, the company already experience significant results regarding efficiency, and they are also expecting some more improvements.

Looking to create a “Cloud First” strategy and need help with the migration? RiverMeadow can help. Find out more about the RiverMeadow SaaS Platform by scheduling a demo or by contacting our consultants.