Cloud Migration Discovery at Your Fingertips 

Understanding your applications so that key dependencies are maintained throughout the migration process plays a major part in determining your success when migrating to the cloud. Choosing the right applications to migrate first is key to building a robust cloud migration strategy. RiverMeadow's IT Asset Discovery module enables you to analyze your applications to ensure that you select a logical sequence for migrating them to your chosen cloud target.


Why use RiverMeadow's IT Asset Discovery Integration Module? 

Our Self-Service IT Asset Discovery Integration Module enables:

  • Seamless integration with RiverMeadow's Migrate Module
  • Gather Configuration Information (CI) data on desired sources by subnet range
  • Analyze Application Dependencies to better determine migration strategy (Move Web, App, DB Server in one Move Group)
  • Determine what should be retired, refactored, replatformed, repurchased or retained
  • Analyze Workload Performance with recommendations for Cloud Sizing (cost avoidance is important when switching to Cloud (OPEX)
  • Create Move Groups based on Discovered Sources

RiverMeadow is the only Cloud Migration solution that offers a fully integrated Platform of scalable technology and automated solutions to streamline the discovery, migration, optimization and management of large-scale workloads to and between clouds.

Our Self-Service IT Asset Discovery Integration Module will enable you to move through the discovery phase of your migration project with accelerated ease. Talk to a Cloud Migration Expert today to learn how best to embark on your journey to the cloud with confidence and ease.  

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