Whether your mobile game development studio starts working on a product from the ground up or is simply looking for hosting for an existing product, cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure are essential. Our recent partnership with Microsoft enables us to migrate all types of workloads to Azure for a wide range of clients, including those who work in the Video Gaming industry. With our powerful SaaS Platform you can dramatically reduce the risk, cost and time associated with moving workloads to the cloud which will, in turn, significantly enhance your business capabilities.

Here are some of the major benefits for Game Developers that come from moving to cloud:

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As you can see, the cloud brings huge advantages to companies in the gaming industry. Of course, this list is not intended to cover every scenario! But it gives a good sense of what the many benefits could be.

If your video game development company is looking to migrate to Azure or other clouds with confidence, ease and speed, contact us now for a demo of the RiverMeadow SaaS Platform!