More and more, cloud computing is enabling day-to-day business to quickly and cost effectively operate in the Cloud.  According to the most recent McAfee report, 97% of organizations are currently using at least one cloud service, while 65% of them have a cloud-first strategy.


Managed Migrations

 Navigating a Cloudy Sky - McAfee


However, there are still numerous hurdles and technical difficulties that need to be addressed by cloud providers in order to drive greater cloud adoption.


The Context: The Cloud Migration Service Providers’ Challenges

Cloud Service Providers are often challenged with onboarding varied, old and often complicated customer workloads. Service providers are expected to handle these complex onboarding requirements and to deliver services quickly, seamlessly and without customer interruption.


The Challenge: Enabling Faster Seamless Cloud Adoption

RiverMeadow recently worked with a Cloud Migration Service Provider to address the problem of cloud onboarding new customers. This Hybrid Cloud Service Provider offers an array of cloud, colocation, managed services, data protection and connectivity services and was looking for a partner to address all of their needs and backlog of customer workloads.


The Solution  - RiverMeadow’s Managed Migration Solution

This Cloud Service Provider partnered with RiverMeadow and used its  Managed Migration Service to provide a white-glove onboarding solution. RiverMeadow’s complete solution addressed more than 90% of all use cases relevant to this Cloud Provider; physical to cloud, cloud to cloud, physical to physical, operating system switching or upgrading and data only migration requirements.  The combination of RiverMeadow IP and Services allowed all this to happen at scale and with low risk due to RiverMeadow’s agentless and Live migration capability.


You can find more details about RiverMeadow SaaS for Cloud Migration Service Providers here, or you can schedule a demo and discuss with one of our representatives!